Cop Baby - Walkthrough


Cop Baby is a very strange point-and-click game, in which someone has left a baby on your doorstep and it's your job to bring it into your home and raise it to be a good cop baby.
Good luck!!!

Play Cop Baby


1.Drag shoes in fire.
2. when you hear a knock, go to the door
3. Open the door
4. Click the baby at the bottom
5. click note
6. Click anywhere
7. Go into kitchen
8. click refridgerator
9. Take bottle
10. Give it to baby
11. put bottle on counter in the kitchen
12. fill bottle with coffee
13. give bottle to baby
14. go back to refridgerator
15. take a donut
16. blend it
17. pick up the bowl (in upper cupboard)
18. Put bowl on counter
19. pour Donut juice into bowl
20. give bowl O' donut juice to baby
21. start screaming.
22. Pick up paper to left of crib
23. Pick up police manual from living room and give it to baby
24. open front door
25. take the package inside
26. take baby from it
27. put in crib
28. repeat step 24-27
29. put siren on top of couch in crib
30. Pick up toy and put it in crib
31. When babies start beating each other up, put cop baby in the middle
32. open door and get box.
33. give badge to cop baby
34. get note from forehead
35. give him toys until it says you win.

Solución en Español: El Comentario
Source: Nordinho

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