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The creator of the Submachine series has launched a completely new point-and-click series called Covert Front Episode 1: All Quiet on the Covert Front. This is the first episode. "In Covert Front you are a secret agent code-named Kara in an alternate history version of World War I. Assigned to infiltrate the mansion of a German scientist, Karl von Toten, you must discover the secrets that lie within and escape with your life."
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Covert Front Walkthrough:

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You begin in front of the main entrance. Go right. Pick up GARDEN HOSE by vines.
In the wooden box, pick up GARDEN SCISSORS.
On the wall with the vines, click to find an electric panel. Use scissors on the wires.
Open the door and head in.
Check the picture of the woman on the wall to the right. Notice the time on the clock. 2:35.
Go into the second door on the left. A dining room. Check the clock. Change the hands to the appropriate time. Grab CLOCK KEY.
Go through the doorway on the left. Kitchen. Grab the MATCHES between the grates in front of the fireplace.
Open the middle drawer and take a look inside. One utensil is different from the others. It is an ICE PICK. Grab it.
The opening to the left leads down to the basement. Turn on the light switch. Connect the hose to the contraption by the entrance.
Head back upstairs. In the hallway, under the stairway on the right (very hard to see) is a small storage doorway. Click on it to zoom in, use the icepick on it to unlock it.
Pick up CROWBAR inside. Leave.
Go outside to the manhole (the side with the wires). Use crowbar to open it, leading to a valve. Twist it and get back to the basement.
When the water drains, grab the SILVER KEY. Go back, and upstairs.
The first bedroom on your right has clues to check out; most importantly the end table. Pick up the BOOK and leave.
You can enter the second bedroom for a clue if you want.
Open the right-side bedroom with your key. Place the book in the spot on the lowest shelf. Now, you may notice you can take books out to see their covers. No, it’s not a game of memory. You must pull out the two books with the symbol that is the same as you’ve been seeing all over the house. The eagle crest. When pulled, a secret door opens.
You’re now in a kind of lab. Read the torn book on the desk. Go to the rear table and collect the PLANS. Go to the hideaway desk and use the clock key to open it. Pick up the SIGNET RING.
This has a crest on it as well. Go downstairs, to the end of the hall with the portrait. To the left is a crest indentation. Use signet ring on it. A door opens. Go in.
Go down the ladder and use the matches on the oil lamp. Pick up the FUSE on the ground. Head right twice. Machine room. Use the fuse on the machine. Now you can operate it. Notice the pictures of flying machines on the wall. Go right.
Grates. Use your crowbar. It will break. Watch the short sequence. You’re now in a dungeon. Turn the corner, light a match. To be continued…

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