Earn 'Cash for Kills' in New Shooter Kwari


Playing games for money is nothing new, but a game called Kwari is hoping to shake up the tournament formula and make the competition more personal.

is a free-to-download FPS in which players put their money where their skills are by agreeing on a "per hit" rate of one penny to one dollar. Every time you score a hit, that amount of cash is taken from your opponent's account and put in yours, with the reverse happening when you're hit yourself.

Money earned from self-inflicted damage, like from a fall, gets put into communal jackpots, which are awarded on a regular basis. Players are matched based on skill, so that (theoretically) no-one ends up feeling completely robbed. None of the prize money goes to the "house"--they collect their cash by selling players ammo at a fixed rate.

If you're intrigued, sign-ups for the beta are now open.

Source: Game|Life

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  1. This is a crazy move for gaming. I know financial gain for gaming is not a new idea (given the prize money at large gaming events), however games such as this could create a new profession!!!! Cyber Super Gamer!

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