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Escaping From Her Room is another Japanese point and click type escape the room game. In this game, again you are locked in a room and you try to escape there by finding and using items with clues.
Good luck!!!

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Solución en Español: El Comentario

Don´t open the closet

Get the red pencil from the red container.
Click on the drawers to zoom in.
Open the first drawer to get a sharpener and a notebook.
Open the second to see a green bag. Click around the top right of the bag to find a hidden screwdriver.
Use the screwdriver on the third drawer to get a wristwatch. ( Useless).
Close the drawer and zoom out.
Check the trash for a piece of paper.
Sharpen the red pencil b clicking on the sharpener, then the about item button.
Click the pencil and use it on the hole in the sharpener. Click on the pencil and you´ll have it sharpened.
Inspect the notebook with the "About Item" button and click on the folded page.
Use the paper from the trash on the page on the right and use the pencil on it.
You´ll get a red number.
Turn right, look at the calendar. If you click on the marked date, it says that date is the girl´s 20th Birthday.
Turn left. Use the computer and type in the girl´s birthday as the password.
Sequence is YYYYMMDD

The screen will show Japanese words,
Top Left: Ringo ( Apple )
Top Right: Mikan ( Japanese Orange)
Bottom Left: Banana ( Banana )
Bottom Right: Budou ( Grape )

These fruit´s represent a colour which corresponds to some of those hidden in the room. Then, use the numbers that corresponds with the colours, on the green bag.
Where to find numbers:
Apple (Red) - On paper
Orange (Orange) - Drawer on the right of bed.
Banana (Yellow) - Calender
Grape (Purple) - Behind the computer

Open the bag and get the key. Use the key on the door and you´re out.

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