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Nightmare The Adventures Episode 1 - Broken Bone's Complaint is the English version of French Cauchemars Les Aventures point and click adventure game series.
In first episode, you try to help Victor face his fears in the Land of Nightmares so he can sleep in peace!
Good luck!!!

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Here is what you do start by getting the sickle, the newspaper and the bone.

Go to the right and go into the room on the right, open the last coffin on the right and get the maraccas.

Leave that room and go to the room on the left. use the sickle to cut the spider web and the chunky dude will give you his bat,

Leave that room. Use the bat at the top of the tree and the limbs will catch the bat allowing you to get the key.

Go back to the main area and go to the left. give the dog the bone and get the trash cans.

Go into the room on the right and get the guitar from the coffin and grab the torch on the far left.

Leave that room and go to the one on the left.
Use the torch on the right side of the door and use the key to release the clown from his chains.

Go back to the main area and give the maraccas to the chubby dude, give the drums to the clown and give the guitar to the kid that you play as.
The skeleton gets up and starts dancing and you have beaten the game.

Source: Escape the Room

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