Nightmares Episode 2 - Walkthrough


Nightmares The Adventures Episode 2 is the second episode of Nightmares Episode 1 point and click type adventure game.
You try to help Victor face his fears in the Land of Nightmares so he can sleep in peace!
Good luck!!!

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1. Take 4 nuts from palm tree (one at a time)
2. Take bucket full of water and net
3. Go back to mum monkey and take planks found there (near entrance of the exit leading to palm tree)
4. Put net under small monkey
5. Pull on hanging plant to let rock fall on snake's head
6. Go back to mum monkey where u'll find small monkey.
7. Take 1 coconut at a time and direct it at the first vacuum cleaner.
8. The small monkey will throw coconut at cleaner and block it's entry
9. While coconut is still in cleaner's opening, go to the chasm just below it and so on... (when u r out, then send coconut to another cleaner etc..)

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  1. gia!!!thelw bohtheia den mporw na riksw ti petra sto fidi

  2. i cant throw the rock to the snakes head

  3. Um where is there a palm tree??? I can only go to the top left n top right arrows right now n im not seein them

  4. OK so I beat the fire cleaner and the bridge cleaner. I can't find a way to get over to get the scissors. n with out that i cant cut the spider down... HELP! ha

  5. ok it never said anything about the damn vine ha

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  7. it's so hard damn

  8. I cant figure out how to pull down that damn plant to let the rock fall

  9. i can't cross the bridge help

  10. how do u get sisscors

  11. Okay....Ive figured it all out. Here it is.

    1. Just on the left of the left screen arrow, there are two planks, pick those up.
    2. Go to the left and collect the net and the bucket full of water.
    3. Still on the same screen, there is a palm tree on the left, click that and a coconut will fall, pick the coconut up.Do this 4 times.
    4. Go back to the main screen.
    5. Go right and you'll find a snake holding the baby monkey.
    6. Put the net under the monkey
    7. Just above the boy, there is an overhanging plant,click it and it will release the stone onto the snake letting go of the baby monkey. There is a vine draped over the side of the tree where the snake is, take it.
    8. Go back to the main screen
    9. In your inventory, use the coconut on the first vacuum thats on the left then go inside. Use the bucket of water on the fire to put it out then take the 2 planks there.Click on the colourful panel, you will now play a memory game, I can't help you with this because it changes every new game.
    10. The vacuum will fall dead.
    11. Go to the next one(Word of advice,take out the vacuums from top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right because every memory game, they add on another thing for you to memorize, so if you did it another way you'd have a hard time)
    12. Use the vine on the rock above the cave then swing over and get the the memory game
    13. Use the coconut on the next vacuum(If you run out of coconuts you can go back to the palm tree and get some more)
    14. Use the scissors on the the memory game
    15. Put the planks on the the memory game.

    There! The vacuums are dead and the mother monkey is happy!

    I hope that helped!

  12. tnx that really helped bcoz u figured it out tnx sooo much

  13. I put the planks down but I still can't cross!

  14. where is the spider located?

  15. I can't even see where you will swing on
    pls help me

  16. please help me cross the bridge

  17. i finally past it!! :D


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