Nightmares Episode 3 - Walkthrough


Nightmares The Adventures Episode 3 is the third episode of Nightmares Episode 1 point and click type adventure game.
You try to help Victor face his fears in the Land of Nightmares so he can sleep in peace!
Good luck!!!

Nightmares Episode 2 Walkthrough

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1. Take Rope and Key
2. Use Key with Closed Book on Floor
3. Klick Ladder
4. go north West
5. Take Glasses and use rope with Hand and go back
6. Go Left
7. Use Glasses with Cat, take feather
8. go Right book side
9. take Carrot, Wooden Arm and Snowman body
10. go back an left book side
11. Take hat 2stones snowball,hat and second arm.
12 Build snwoman (Body,chest,snowball, Stones carrot hat und teo arms.
13. go to other book side. Klick shovel
14. Go back into first room, Go right.
15 Solve push riddle. Use Shovel with glass
15 go to first room, do second way from left
16 Use Feather with feeds
17 Go Back and ready

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  1. I can't solve the puzzle. n I'm 20 haha. I was never good at those lol any suggestions???

  2. cuz it really de-motivates me lol

  3. I have faith in you Smokey.
    I know you can solve it ;)

  4. What does the last part mean?

  5. where do i find the 2nd arm exactly coz i cannot see it in the page where i am suppose to put hte snowman together

  6. how do u solve the puzzle

  7. i cant figure out the puzzle how do you do it? Please write back we need a walkthrough I am not the only one who can't solve the puzzle you would be helping a lot more people then just me!

  8. The puzzle is easy. Just try to concentrate with it. You`ll see. Try again. Goodluck. :)

  9. how could i pick the shovel???????????

  10. Can't pick the freakin' shovel! OAO

  11. Ah, now I get it.
    1) Take the string and the key.
    2) Use the key to open the book on the floor.
    3) Click the arrow pointing North West.
    5) Get glasses, then use the string to save the roach inside the ink bottle.
    6) Click the arrow pointing South East.
    7) Click the arrow pointing East.
    8) Use the glasses on the cat, get the yellow feather and enter the right side of the book.
    9) Get the carrot, first arm (hanging on branch tree) and the other body of the snowman. Then click the arrow pointing North West.
    10) Go to the left side of the book.
    11) Get the hat, the small ball of snow, the eyes (those two dots at the bottom of the tree) and the second arm (under the longest branch of the tree) then build the snowman. Then click the arrow pointing North East.
    12) Go back.
    13) Quickly go to the right side of the book before the snowman melts.
    14) Click the shovel for the snowman to help you. Then go back to the main place.
    15) Click the big ladder then click the arrow pointing North.
    16) Using the yellow feather, tickle the feet of the roach. Then go back to the main place.
    17) Click the arrow pointing West.
    18) Click the sun book and solve the puzzle. The key to solving it is PATIENCE. (Tip: Some may not understand, but start from the top to bottom)
    19) Using the shovel, help the trapped roach escape.
    20) Then go back and watch the rest of the episode. :)


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