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Poco2 Escape 2 seems the most popular room escape game of the last month. Now Poco2 Escape 3 is online and ready to play. Escape the third Poco2 Room by finding items and clues that will help you on your goal.
Have fun!!!

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1. Check all the drawers in the kitchen counter area. You should have 2 Hearts, A dog badge, and a letter B. Also, remember that Fox is a green two. Click the picture and take another heart.

2. Go right. You'll find a fridge. Click on the bottom left of the fridge to find the letter G. Go back and open the fridge. Take the heart and click the fridge again and take the other heart. Remember, Dog is a red four.

3. Click on the top right of the fridge to find a frog. Click the towel hanging from the lower part of him to make the key drop. Go back to the front of the fridge and click the bottom right to take the key and the heart.

4. Go right and use the orange key on the upper cupboard. Click the area with the dishes. Click on the little green Gremlin. He will run away and leave a key. Open the book and take the heart. Then take the cup, and then click the dishes and take the letter P.

5. Use the red key to open the calendar thing.

6. Go right again to the little house. Click on the right side of it to find a bunch of numbers. This is the number of hearts you put into the calendar boxes for each number to get the items. Take the heart.

7. Go to the calendar by the fridge and make sure to mark down the numbers. Then, go to the calendar box and place them in the correct slots. For blue, place one heart in box 5, two hearts in box 10, two hearts in box 13, and three hearts in box 29. Click on box 1 to get the Red Handle. You can put this on the second hole in the sink for hot water to come out. For red, place two hearts in box 11, three hearts in box 15, one heart in box 25, and two hearts in box 27. Click box 23 for the Badge of Fox.

8. Go to the fridge and click the top right part to go to the frog. Click the Gremlin. After he runs away, go to the bottom right of the fridge and get the frogs arm and place it back on him. He will give you the Badge of Bear.

9. Go to the cupboard and click on the ferris wheel above the dishes. Place the bear in the red 1. Place the dog in the red 4. Place the fox in the green 2. Take the Y and click the Gremlin so he runs away. Go to the dishes and take the handle.

10. Put the handle in the unopenable cupboard in the kitchen counter. Open it and take the R.

11. Go to the picture above the little dollhouse and place all the letters in their holes. Take the piko piko hammer.

12. Go to the picture above the kitchen counter. Remove the pieces of the toy starting at the bottom. Once the Gremlin runs away, zoom out and take the head. Go back to the picture and place the pieces back together. Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, then his head, then the hammer. He will give you an orange handle. Put this on the sink and fill your glass with orange juice.

13. Go to the fridge and open the freezer. Place the orange juice in the freezer and give it time to freeze.

14. Click on the lower left of the double cupboards with the calendar thing. You'll find the gremlin, click him and he will run away.

15. Go to the freezer and take the Gremlin. Put him under the hot water. He will give you a yellow key.

16. Go to the toy house. Use the yellow key. Talk to the bear, he will give you a hat and a key to leave. Use the key to leave and you're done.

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  1. sum one plz help! I got stuck on the bit where u have to put the hearts in the draws i put them in correctly but nothings in the first box i dont get it? :o
    help greatly appriciated!

  2. what you have to do is skip one one just like the calender

  3. how do you get all 8 hearts?

  4. I can't put the hearts in the box !

  5. dude i tryed n it dosent work wtf


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