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Princess Natasha No Vacancy is a point and click type adventure game which has really nice graphics and sounds created for AOL.
In this adventure, you need to solve clues and defeat robots so Natasha and her friends can escape from the secret robot factory! Good luck!

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1. Go left. Take the lighter from the boy.
2. Take the beehive from the tree.
3. Go left again.
4. Click the beehive in your inventory and click the small branch sticking out of the tree.
6. Click the lighter, then click on the cave. Take the radio, the skeleton leg, the book with the key, and the coins. Exit the cave. Put the lighter back in your inventory.
7. Go right twice so you are facing the gate again. Click the key in your inventory and unlock the gate.

8.Click the tank or suffer a watery death like the last guy.
9. Go left and click on the odd vending machine. Click on the coin in your inventory and put it in the slot. Click the "He" (helium) button and take the tank.
10. Back up from the machine and go right twice so you are facing a small grotto with a dead fish and a chest in it. Click the skeleton leg and use it on the chest and BANG! it splits at the seams .
11. Go back to the vending machine, and repeat step 9, but pressing the C3H8 (propane) button. Take this tank as well and back up.
12. Click the propane tank in your inventory and click the not-pointy end of the hose. Click the lighter and light the end of your new blowtorch by clicking on the pointy end this time. Click your new weapon of doom so it goes into your inventory, then go right.
13. Click the blowtorch then click the grate. Go right.
14. Click the helium tank and fill the octopus and watch the short cutscene.


15.Click the red book the boy is reading, and read each section.
16. Go left, note the drawing on the wall, and open the parrot cage. Go ahead, he won't fly away.
17. Go right twice. Skipping a time consuming part of the game, click on the door and and click "Whisper", "Tall", and "Hello", then click the lever that is revealed. Otherwise, click the dining dish, click "TREBUH", go to the parrot room, feed it to the parrot, go back to the door, and put the parrot on the perch (yellow flagpole). Go back to the room with the annoying little boy who WON'T STOP BOUNCING ON THE BED and click on the grate on the floor behind the bird cage. Go back to the parrot and click him. He will say "Shout a short goodbye". Put in the password given above (if you read the book, blue parrots say the opposite of the adjectives they repeat) and click the lever.
18. Go left. Click the arrows above and below the STOP buttons until all are orange eyes (remember the I.I.I. drawing?) and stare at the pretty lights for a second until that ugly Kim Possible ripoff with the horrible posture runs downstairs through the trapdoor.


19. Go right and click the box on the wall with the blank pink keycard on it. Read the note and click the R on the second square of the second row from top left.
20. Go left twice and use the keycard on the box.
21. Quickly put your fingers on the ASD and JKL keys. To defeat them, press the letter on the approaching robot's chest when it flashes white. Quickly dispose of these easy adversaries .
22. Take everything on the desk, then click the hammer and smash the glass. Get out of the room.
23. Click your family to free them. Follow them to the right.
24. Click the onion in your inventory and feed it to your family, turning their eyes red. Enjoy ending.

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