PS3 60GB Supply Depleted


Having seen a sharp rise in sales since the price cut (ahem), Sony has revealed to Macworld that the company’s stock of $499 60GB PS3 inventory has depleted and that all units are now available in stores until stock lasts.

“We no longer have any inventory in SCEA warehouses. All inventory has been purchased and shipped to retailers,” Karraker said. He continued, saying that there is “ample supply” still left in the channel. It was initially announced that there is enough 60GB PS3s to last a couple of months.

Meanwhile, a Sony representative has said that there will not be any further price cuts or announcements regarding the console until the 60GB supply are used up and market conditions are evaluated. If you haven’t yet gotten a PS3, get yourself one while supplies last!

Source: Digital Battle

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  1. I'm in the finals of a AHL poker tournament (at the Dallas CPL) come this Sunday. Winner gets a Playstation 3, now I have a reason to buy the next Final Fantasy game :)


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