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Punik Escape Game - Recapture from Mysterious Thief Gold is another Japanese point and click type rooom escape game. In this escape game, again you need to search around to collect items and clues in order to escape the room by using them on proper places. Good luck!!!

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Turn right, to the kitchen. It's time to start collecting the multiple, various, counter-intuitive and oh-so-many items you will need to complete this game. Pick up the following:

1. What appears to be cocoa powder, from cabinet. While you're in that view, click up and get ID card, too.
2. Strange while object (candle) and bucket from under stove/sink cabinets.
3. Pink thing from counter.
4. Apple and glasses from bottom and top drawers, respectively.
5. Banana from fridge.

While you're here, stick that banana in the freezer. I know, it seems crazy, but trust me when I tell you that it will seem even crazier later.

Also, fill the bucket with water. It's heavy to carry around, but you have to do it.

Also, shake that hood thing above the sink until the key falls down. You can't get it yet, so just leave it for now.

Turn right again. See that brown door? Go through it. Pick up a whole lot more items:
1. four, count 'em, four fliers with phone numbers on them. There is also a number on the thing on the table, which you can zoom in and look at if you want to. There is some lack of clarity about whether or not you need to dial any or all of these numbers.
2. three pieces of a wooden stool. They really should go together, and if you click on "about item" with the big one, you might be able to assemble them. Keep trying, it seems to be finicky about this.

Notice how, even if you succeed there's still a nail sticking out? You're going to have to pound that in somehow. Despite the fact that you have like fifty-seven items already, however, there doesn't seem to be anything to pound with. Hmmmmm.......

Back up. You're at the shelves. Pick up tank, little blue thing, hose, green AIR thing, light blue bottle, fish food, and picture of your beloved fishies.

awwwwwwwww....... cute fishies.

Turn left and go back to the kitchen again. Get the banana out of the freezer and use it to pound in that nail on the stool. Do NOT say I didn't warn you about the insanity.

Go right twice. see that big box? pick it up.
Now, check it out in about items. Open it! WOW! There's..... another box inside. Cool. I wonder what's in THAT box? It must be pretty special to be packaged up so carefully. Go on, open it and find out. I'll wait.

yeah, it's another box. This goes on for quite a while.
In the same view, take your footstool (all banana pounded and sound to stand on now, and use it to feel around the top of that air conditioner vent or whatever it is until you get a hand on a stick.

That's right. A hand on a stick. Examine it. Now you have a hand on a LONG stick. Just what you need to reach that key in the kitchen. Go get the key and come on back.

flip through the calendar until you find a safe. Use the kitchen vent key to open it. Get the little piece of circuitry. But then, click up to find a new view, remove the false back, and get the bigger piece of circuitry. You are correct in thinking that they go together. Put them together.

Turn right again. That's correct: this room has five sides. I don't know why either. I also do not know why anyone would fishnap your beloved pet and hide him in a high-tech, secret underground vault. But there is evil in the world, it seems, and you must fight it with bizarre items hidden around a strange room. Be glad they are not harder to find.

Anyway, see that clock? Use your handy stool to get it. Examine it, too. Weird code on the back! Cool! Confusing!!! See that weird machine? What's that? Take a look at it through the glasses, and see what that does.

Whoa. THAT can't be good.

And now, turn right. You're back where you started. Open the door. You might need to do this with the pink key selected. You might not. In any case, when you do it properly (whatever that means) someone will deliver a G to you.

Yes, A "G"

It SHOULD fit in the G-shaped hole in the weird machine from the previous screen, but it doesn't. Evil in the world again, I guess. Go to the kitchen, instead.

Turn on the burner, light the candle, and use it to burn the G. I know. Just do it.

Now it fits in the weird machine. Good. You're ready to move to the maze. Get ready.

Okay, you have to get through that door behind the weird machine to get to the maze and rescue fishy. You can actually die here, and you KNOW you don't want to go back and collect all those items again, so do the steps carefully.

FIRST, you swipe the ID card to open the door. DO NOT GO THROUGH THE DOOR YET. Unless you want to see that screen and start over, then go ahead.

SECOND, put on the glasses. The "G" has made the lasers flash on and off.

THIRD, wait for them to go off. Click the door QUICKLY while they are off. You're in the maze!!!!

Now, the maze has two levels. You are in the upper level now. You control your movements using those four green arrows, and you make a map just above them as you go. The red arrow is you. Use this to figure out where stuff is. In the upper level you need to get what I guess is a router box. It's toward the bottom left, but not quite at the very bottom. You also need to find the ladder to the lower level. It's at the top left corner.

Feel free to explore the rest of the maze if you like that sort of thing, but I can tell you that the scenery is pretty uniform.

On the lower level, right at the base of the ladder, is where you put that router box. Better do it now before the minotaur eats you.

Now, find you way to the bottom right corner of the map. There will be a green door there. Click red button and then forward arrow to go in. Pick up that key. Click the grey button and stick the upsidedown clock in the slot. Wow. I guess it made sense after all. Click the grey button again for a SECRET ROOM!

Actually, now is maybe a good time to go up that ladder and see where it goes. The key you picked up opens the padlock.

Rats! All that for nothing! While you're up here, check out the computer. When it loads, notice the server name (goldserver). Go back down the ladder and enter the secret room.

Geez this is a long game. Am starting to regret writing this.

Okay, now check out your apple. I don't know why it's an apple, but it is. Use the mysterious kitchen counter pink thing on it. It'll give you a user name (gold) and password (kaito). Use them on the computer.

Once you're in, click on that icon that looks like the vault. When you're in it, just type "goldserver" and it should connect you. At least, if you've actually looked at the upstairs computer it should.

Okay, now use your pink circuit thingy on the computer. Here is where you solve the color puzzle first figured out by Ragtolin. His post above (number 80) has a helpful screenshot. If it were me, I'd rep him or get him a little gift or something for that. Not that you would make the same choice, of course. You do whatever you think is best.

look at the groups of three colored dots at the bottom of the circuit you put on the screen: there should be four groups of three. For each group of three, you can use the color wheel that the always fabulous Ragtolin provided to figure out what those colors combine to make.

For example, R B G together make white.
RBW make magenta
GBW make cyan
RGW make yellow

Then, set the four buttons to those colors and hit enter. You have to do this twice. The screen will then stop accepting input, and when you back up, the vault will be open.

The vault is open. Go get your fishy! Hello, fishy fishy! How I've missed you! You are a good and clever fishy and a wonderful pet. Let us never be parted again!

You're almost done. Go up the ladder and back to the very first screen with the door. Open the door. Click on the open door. Once you do, you should be able to add things to the bucket, which luckily is already filled with water. They are light blue bottle, fishy (ah, fishy!), and cocoa powder. Now you can finally leave the house.

Keep clicking arrows until you get to a room with a table for your fish. Perhaps it is a room of your own. For a fish of your own. I certainly hope it is.

Now, you must set up a home for fishy fishy. Not to be confused with mrfishy here. She's not your fish. So please treat her with respect and courtesy.

To set up, click in this order: tank, bucket with fish and accoutrements, weird blue thing, tube, green air thing, fish food.

Awwwwww. Look at that. Fishy missed you too. That's nice.
Now, you can either call the police at this point (dial 110 on your phone and page through some japanese) or you can let the meanies that did this to your poor innocent fish go free.

It's your choice. Some would say a little japanese paging is a small price to pay for a pet of this caliber. But again, it's totally up to you.

Now click on the coin that has appeared in your inventory. Now click on it again.



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