Runescape Fast Money Guide: Farming


Do you need money in Runescape? Here you´ll find a lot of ways to make easy money in Runescape.

Runescape Fast Money Guide
Farming! YES FARMING! This is an absolutely amazing moneymaker, from using just ONE METHOD! Level 32 farming is required but I’m hoping you have the basic knowledge to get those few levels, so I wont be posting that here. Basically though, just plant some seeds with super compost and make sure you water and check regularly. But onto the awesome money side of farming!

At level 32 farming you have the ability to farm ranarr weeds! In my opinion this is one of the BEST ways of making money, whilst still being able to train other skills! To farm ranarr weeds you need super compost, a rake, a spade and ranarr seeds.
For the purpose of this guide I will keep the cost of ranarr seeds at 20,000gp each, and the cost of super compost as 1,000gp each. The selling price of ranarr weeds will be 6,500gp each.

Lets say we bought 100 Ranarr seeds = 2,000,000gp
And we bought 100 Super compost = 100,000gp
Therefore total cost = 2,100,000gp

Now, each ranarr seed, when using super compost, yields an average of 7 ranarr weeds per seed, so from planting 100 seeds we will yield approximately 700 ranarr weeds!

Selling these ranarr weeds at 6,500gp each will get you 4,550,000gp!

Profit = Revenue - Cost
Therefore profit = 4,550,000gp – 2,100,000gp = 2,450,000gp!

You can farm 100 ranarr seeds in a matter of a few days! On my account I got from level 1 – 32 farming in just over a day, and farmed 100 ranarr seeds in 3 days. This is amazing profit and the best part is you don’t even have to be there! The beauty of farming herbs is that you rake the patch, super compost it and plant the seed, then let it sit there for 75 minutes (including offline time) without the need to water it! This means whilst the herbs are growing you can go fish, woodcut, fletch or whatever you desire!
I personally use the Falador South/Draynor, Catherby and Ardougne patches for growing herbs, and fish at the fishing guild whilst waiting for the herbs to grow. It is advisable to check up on your herbs to make sure they do not become diseased, which can easily be cured by using plant cure purchasable from any farming NPC near the patches! Hopefully this proves to you that this is NOT a worthless skill!

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