Runescape Fast Money Guide: Fletching


Do you need money in Runescape? Here you´ll find a lot of ways to make easy money in Runescape.

Runescape Fast Money Guide
Fletching is one of the most commonly raised member skills, as it offers a great way to make money in conjunction with High Alchemy (Level 55 Magic). This is a member’s only skill!

Simply put fletching is cutting logs into bows/arrows! To start off you should cut normal logs to make arrow shafts. If you have the money to spare I advise buying 1,000 normal logs and turning them all into shafts, then add feathers to the shafts. ONLY USE THE FOLLOWING IF YOU HAVE MONEY SPARE:
· Buy 1,000 normal logs and fletch into 15,000 Arrow shafts
· Buy 15,000 feathers (150K) and attach to shafts to make headless arrows
· Buy 1K Iron Bars and make 15,000 Arrowheads (20 smithing required)
· Attach heads to headless arrows making 15,000 Iron Arrows!

The above method costs approximately 400,000Gp (logs = 50ea, feathers = 10ea, bars = 200ea) with a 450,000Gp return selling Iron arrows at 30 ea! This also gets you to level 46 Fletching with the ability to make Willow Long Bows (plus an extra 6 levels)!
If you don’t have the money for the aforementioned guide, keep cutting arrow shafts until you reach 20 Fletching for Oak Short Bows, I personally wouldn’t bother making normal bows as it is annoying having to drop them, and arrow shafts are stackable! At level 20 start making Oak bows and continue making the best bow you can for as long as you can! Great way to raise Woodcutting at the same time, but make sure you are close to a bank so you don’t need to drop all of the bows! Another method is to cut all of the logs first then stand at the bank withdrawing logs, fletching then depositing and withdrawing more. Choose the best to suit your style of play – cutting and fletching straight away is more interesting than constant cutting and constant fletching but the choice is yours!

After fletching the 15,000 Arrow Shafts I bought 17,000 Willow Logs to get me to 70 Fletching (only 16,878 from level 40). DO NOT attach ANY strings to these, as it is not worth it! Stringing bows is VERY tedious and costs more for the same XP! Strings cost around the 150gp/string area, and strung bows give 2x the XP as unstrung bows. Therefore a strung Willow Long costs around 190gp whilst two unstrung Willow Longs costs around 80gp to make. Less than half the costs and WAY less clicking! You can sell the Unstrung Bows to the general store (not sure on price when store is maxed), drop them, sell them, keep them as a memento or give away to low levels or anyone that wants them!

At 70 Fletching you start making money from Yew Longs! Either cut or buy Yew logs (buy at 250gp from F2P or up to 300gp on F2P forums) and pick & spin or buy strings. BOTH methods make profit, it just depends on how much you want and the time you are willing to spend doing it!
It costs, to make one Yew Long (using logs = 250ea, string = 150ea) 400gp, and the selling price on mass Yew Longs (i.e. 1,000+) is 600gp ea! That’s 200gp profit per bow!
If you have 55 Magic you can use the great method of high alchemy to raise your mage level. This is a great way for members to make money whilst training mage, and is the reason for the insane Runescape economy! Strung Yew Long Bows alchemy for 768gp/bow and alchemy uses one nature rune per spell (whilst using a fire staff). You can buy the resources for a Yew Long plus the spell for 700gp (Bow = 400gp as above, Nature rune = 300gp) meaning 68gp profit per bow! This doesn’t sound like a lot but if you are alchemising 1,000 Yew Long Bows [notes] that is 68,000Gp profit, plus 65,000 Magic Experience (65xp per cast)! AMAZING!

At 85 Fletching the profit becomes even greater, with the ability to make Magic Long Bows which alchemy for 1,536gp/bow. You can buy the resources for a Magic Long plus the spell for 1,450gp (logs = 1,000gp, string = 150gp, Nature rune = 300gp) meaning 86gp profit per bow! If you alchemise 1,000 Magic Longs Bows [notes] that is 86,000Gp profit, plus 65,000 Magic Experience. AMAZING!

Another method that I used at level 75 Fletching was making Rune Arrows. These are fairly easy to sell on the forums or in World 2/18, the main PK-ing Worlds, in Edgeville. For this method I sell at 400gp/arrow.
For a start buy however many headless arrows you will need, depending on how many you want to make. Headless arrows cost around 15gp – 20gp each. Go to the Catherby range store and buy Rune Arrowheads from the store, ONLY if it is completely stocked to 100 Heads. If it is not completely stocked the prices WILL be higher! Buy all 100 arrowheads then world switch to the next world (SwiftSwitch or another trusted client comes in handy here) and continue buying arrowheads until you have 1,000 then use them with your headless arrows. Depending on your starting cash you may continue buying more, sell them now for profit or make LESS arrows than 1,000. It costs around 300gp – 330gp average per arrowhead (cant remember exact amount) after buying 100 arrowheads from the store. To maximise profits you can buy LESS from each store, meaning the price will not rise as high per arrowhead, but it will take a lot longer to make the same amount of arrows. Including world switching time, it takes me around 20 minutes to make 1,000 Rune Arrows. Now lets look at the profit for 1,000 Rune Arrows (selling 400gp each).
· Headless arrows = 15gp each
· Rune arrowheads = 320gp each (average after 100 purchased)
Therefore it costs 335gp to make 1 rune arrow. Making 1,000 will cost around 335,000Gp which means 65,000Gp profit in 20 minutes work! AMAZING!

Bows making chart (long bows):
Level 25 – 40 = 1,176 Oak Unstrung
Level 40 – 70 = 16,878 Willow Unstrung (CHEAPEST)
Level 70 – 85 = 16,807 Yew Strung

Arrows making chart (including shaft making + attaching feathers):
Level 1 – 15 = 7,307 Shafts (488 logs), 2,411 Headless Arrows
Level 15 – 30 = 2,860 Iron
Level 30 – 45 = 12,572 Iron, 7,607 Steel
Level 45 – 60 = 55,413 Iron, 33,528 Steel, 24,036 Mithril
Level 60 – 75 = 106,080 Mithril, 85,153 Adamantite
Level 75 – 85 = 136,545 Rune

Obviously Fletching is a great money mule for members!

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