Runescape Fast Money Guide: Merchanting


Do you need money in Runescape? Here you´ll find a lot of ways to make easy money in Runescape.

Runescape Fast Money Guide
So here it is, the core topic of most people’s guides but I will only cover it slightly! This is because the ‘secrets’ of merchanting aren’t really secrets, as everyone already knows them!
Firstly, merchanting is simply buying something cheap and selling it for more. This does not always mean on mass scale (like 100K willow logs) and is often LESS dangerous when doing one or two items such as a Whip, or a Barrows set.
For the following items I advise buying them for around 50,000gp – 100,000gp less than the normal market price (you need to check current price on forums) and selling for either the same price or slightly higher, but not to high that you drive away potential customers.
· Whips
· Barrows Sets
· Rare items – Santa Hats, Halloween Masks etc
Also remember that investing in “rares” for the future will gain you a HUGE amount of profit. Just look at how much prices have jumped in the last few months!
Other good items for merchanting on mass scales are Yew logs, Pure Essence (hard), Dragon/Cow hides, Dragon bones and Super Sets or Potion Potions.
Super Sets and Potion Potions:
These are a great way of making profit as many people buy these sets for PK-ing or fighting monsters such as Barrows. Buying Prayer (3) potions is easier to merchant than Prayer (4) potions.
Prayer potion (3)’s can be bought on member worlds for 6,500gp each, then sold on the forums at 7,000gp each. This is an easy profit of 500gp per unit.
Super set merchanting involves buying the three potions, Attack Strength and Defence, separately, then selling them as a set for 9,000gp – 10,000gp per set. The idea is to buy the potions separately at a total cost of less than 9,000gp per set. Here is a price guide for buying the potions for super sets (remember all potions are three dose).
· Super Attack Potion – 1,000gp each
· Super Defence Potion – 3,000gp each
· Super Strength Potion – 2,000gp each

I am unsure on current prices (check them on forums), but try these for a start in crowded places like World 2 Falador or Seers. Once you have a decent number of each (try to keep each amount even) go to the forums and post “Selling Super Sets – X Amount Each”, replacing the ‘X’ with however much you are charging per set!

· Never EVER use up all of your money buying items to merchant, as the item may become hard to sell and you are stuck with no back up money if you desperately need it.
· Watch for scammers! If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is!
· Check the forum rises/drops in prices regularly; you don’t want to be paying more for items than they are worth or offering too little!
· If you want fast clearance but a little less profit I advise you keep your prices competitive and dominate the market! For example when Construction came out I merchanted Oak Logs, and when everyone was selling for 90gp – 100gp a log, I was selling at 80gp each. I bought and sold over 200,000 oak logs in less than two hours, still making 30gp profit per log!
· NEVER lower your prices to the BUYERS price. Always keep your prices where you want them (within reason of course) and buyers will eventually come around, even if it takes a little longer. Be firm, but not rude. You are a business man so present this image well for fast transactions!

That’s about all I am going to write for merchanting. It is becoming an increasingly hard method to use due to the huge number of people doing it. A good time to merchant is when there are a moderate number of people online. Too many equals more competition, too little equals no buyers!

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