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Do you need money in Runescape? Here you´ll find a lot of ways to make easy money in Runescape.

Runescape Fast Money Guide
If you’re looking for the best way to make a lot of money then this skill is for you! I will show you three ways to raise your runecrafting, all with totally different styles and risks involved. Remember rune mysteries must be completed to runecraft!

METHOD 1 – Long and boring, but more profit
Method one is to buy all of your rune essence and craft it yourself, crafting the best rune you can when you can! This means running back and forth between the bank and the altar thousands of times rising it bit by bit! Sounds slow and boring? It is! But isn’t this the case with most skills when you are low levelled?
Personally I started on air runes and continued doing air runes until level 44! Below I will describe a method that made this MUCH easier for me to raise it quickly. Air runes are reasonably easy to sell compared with earth runes, fire runes and water runes as they are used in a large variety of spells.
At level 44 Runecrafting you can then make nature runes! I chose to skip making Chaos runes due to the danger of crafting them in the wilderness, so I will leave that out. You have two choices here defined in this method. Take all of your pure essence [noted] and go to the Karamja Jungle where the Nature Altar is, also taking with you a Nature talisman/tiara and some gold. You will then need to go to the general store (north-west of altar) and sell a “full load” (defined by the space in your inventory) of essence to the general store and buy it back in item form. This will cost a small amount to you, and is dangerous, as many people will try to steal the essence away from you, buying it before you get to! Boots of lightness come in handy as you must run to the general store and back to the nature altar a HUGE number of times! This is the longest and most boring way of runecrafting nature runes.
Once you achieve level 54 runecrafting you can craft law runes, well done! The altar is on Entrana and the talisman is a reward from the Troll Stronghold quest. You cannot take any armour or weapons to Entrana so keep this in mind before trying to go there from Port Sarim. Run back and forth from the Draynor bank to the Law Altar, and I’m sure that anyone who has ran for “Fast Free Laws on World 66 + 99” would know this route very well!

METHOD 2 – Way faster, costs more/less profitable
In method two you employ runners to work for you! This is not advisable unless your runecrafting is 33+ as that is when it starts to “break even” and you stop losing money for employing runners.
AIRS: Air runners are a potentially large business, especially if you are using a F2P world. You can offer two things: Cash payment or Air rune payment. Remember that the more runners who come to work for you, the faster you will gain XP, but the less profit you will make. For rich players the XP is usually the more desired of the two, and methods can be developed to retain some profit! Before choosing to use runners, search the Runescape forums for “Air Companies” that you may be eligible to join. A good idea is to offer 78 Air Runes per trip, which means that at level 33 Runecrafting you start making a decent amount of profit at a very fast rate!
NATURES: There are a number of nature crafting companies within the Runescape forums, or you can just start your own private company offering however much pay you want! Usual prices are between 9,000gp – 11,000gp per run. Obviously with high prices like these it is difficult to make a profit, so a lot of people choose to pay in Nature runes to runners, which may sometimes prove a better payment.
LAWS: There are a couple of very large law companies that offer “Laws for Ess” where crafters bring the original 26 essence [unnoted] and receive 26 law runes + 26 essence [noted]. Obviously this means you will be making no profit (it is actually a loss!) as a crafter but the XP is extremely fast, Worlds 66 + 99 being full at most times due to the large number of runners for the huge company operating there. Other companies also exist on a “No Return” basis where runners supply their own ess, which means you work at no profit but gain free XP!
As you can see, Method 2 does not bring a lot of money, and is mainly used as a way to gain XP quickly so that you can get to law runes or double natures!

METHOD 3 – Extremely fast, very risky but reaps rewards
Method 3 is of course crafting in the abyss. To do this you need to do the Mage of Zamarok mini-quest by talking to him around level 7 Wilderness above Edgeville. There are plenty of guides for doing that quest on fan sites so I’m not going into it here! Once the quest has been completed you can start crafting with the abyss! Remember to use as many pouches as you can at your level! It adds up, trust me!
The abyss is located in Level 7 Wilderness above Edgeville by choosing “Teleport” on the Mage of Zamarok.
To use the abyss I advise the following:
· Glory Amulet (as well as a 1 click teleport for those with safety concerns)
· Woodcutting Axe – any kind
· Low levels take cheap, light armour set like Green Dragonhide.
The armour is good as the abyss is a multi combat zone and you will get attacked by a swarm of abyssal monsters! There are a number of high-levelled monsters too, with the teleport spot being random, so watch out! You can get to the centre of the abyss by either going through the passage at the far north, or using one of the shortcuts around the circle. There is a number of each shortcut type, which requires different skills. By using a Woodcutting Axe you can chop through the tentacles, and then use thieving and agility to get through their respective shortcuts. Decent levels are required in these skills. Once inside the inner circle look for the portal with the picture of the rune you are trying to craft flashing inside the black area. You will know what I mean when you get there! Simply click on this portal to be transported there without the need of a tiara or talisman! Use the essence with the altar; empty the pouches then use the essence with the altar again. Un-equip your Glory Amulet and teleport to Edgeville, bank the runes and withdraw essence (filling pouches) then start the process again! This is the fastest way to craft runes, and also only involves the cost of rune essence (plus one time glory purchase)! It is advisable, if you have the money, to buy 10+ glory amulets so you only need to go charge them every 40 trips, which is just over 1,000 nature runes without pouches.
Please keep in mind that the abyss skulls you and drops prayer to 0, therefore when you are in the Wilderness you can be PK-ed by the dirty, filthy people that kill for the want of one glory amulet! L Just keep this in mind when selecting a world to craft on, as less crowded worlds is generally safer to craft on. If you see a team of PK-ers 7-10 levels lower or higher than you, DON’T use this world. It is too risky! Change worlds without a second thought; don’t try to outsmart them by being sneaky, as you will die a number of times.

Runecrafting Guide:
Level 1 – 44 = 11,130 Essence (Air)
Level 44 – 54 = 19,045 Essence (Air), 10,581 Essence (Nature)
Level 54 – 91 = 639,107 Essence (Nature), 605,470 Essence (Law)

As you can see, Runecrafting takes a lot of time and patience, but the money you gain is amazing. At current prices of around 90gp/pure essence, Runecrafters still make 210gp profit PER essence! At level 91 Runecrafting, crafters make 510gp profit PER essence! WOW! This is another skill that doesn’t require a high level to make high levels of money (44 Runecrafting ISN’T a high level people)!

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  1. only decent way is abyss.
    any other way takes too long, or just sucks, but nice guide.

  2. U should really improve on your guide though.
    Air runes till 44? Try to include f2p methods like earth runes, etc.
    In overall, its pretty good.

  3. Do the great orb project.

  4. naa i agree , air runes till 44 is good... you dont loose too much money.. water runes are more profit but are a pain to run. fire runes are just worthless.. but good xp...


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