Runescape Fast Money Guide: Woodcutting


Do you need money in Runescape? Here you´ll find a lot of ways to make easy money in Runescape.

Runescape Fast Money Guide
Of course one of the simplest ways of making money is woodcutting. Although this can be extremely boring the rewards are reasonable, and it is such a simple skill!
Start off on normal trees, of course. Now before the release of Construction I would have said burn or drop the logs [F2P] or fletch into shafts [P2P] but I now advise banking the logs! Normal logs are now fairly easy to sell to people in World 1 for F2P or on the forums for P2P (sell for anywhere between 20 – 100gp ea!).
Alternatively you can turn these into planks [P2P] at the sawmill for the cost of 100gp/log and sell for up to 500gp ea (check current selling prices before doing this)! A good method for making planks without needing to walk to/from bank is the use of servants. If your Construction is 30+ a great and fast method is to cut logs or oak logs outside of the Rimmington portal, then with a full inventory head inside and tell your servant to take the logs to the sawmill (Cooks or better). Remember, each servant can only take a certain amount of logs at a time, and there is a cost involved so bring money. Servants also demand pay at regular intervals.
Whatever method you choose, cut these until level 15 WC. Personally I would cut into shafts to increase my fletching later (if you are P2P of course).

At level 15 Woodcutting start cutting oak logs and either bank for selling or make into planks for a cost of 250gp/plank. These sell for anywhere between 750gp – 1000gp per plank (check current prices on forums) so can be very good money! For F2P there are a lot of members that buy oak logs just outside of the West Varrock Bank on World 1, so look for a good price J. Cut these until 30 WC.

At level 30 Woodcutting start cutting willow logs at Draynor Village. This is right next to the bank so bank all of your logs. These sell for 30 – 40gp per log to P2P fletchers so for F2P sell in World 1 Draynor Bank or P2P on the forums. Easier sales and better prices for more logs of course.

At level 45 Woodcutting P2P’s can cut Maple logs. These are not as fast as Willows but sell for 100gp+ and can be found right next to Seer’s Bank. If you prefer faster XP stick to Willow logs.

At level 60 Woodcutting you can cut Yew logs. These are great for money, selling for between 250gp – 300gp per log! At level 60 Yew’s take a long time to cut a full load so personally I would recommend you continue cutting Willow logs, as they still make reasonable money but much faster XP. There is also the hassle of competing with the huge number of Autoer’s on every F2P world so keep this in mind if you choose to cut Yews at level 60 WC.

Personally I would continue cutting Willows until 70 WC, then move to Yew logs. P2P players could also try cutting Maples at around level 60 and see how this goes, but I used Willows until level 70.

At level 70 Woodcutting I cut Yew logs until level 75 then cut Magic Logs [P2P] below seers. Magic logs take a long time to cut at level 75 so it is advisable to continue cutting Yew logs until around level 80 WC, which will allow you to cut Magic logs a little bit faster and also make a fair bit of money too. Magic logs sell for between 900gp – 1100gp each. With the logs cut you can choose to sell, fletch [P2P] or burn them! It is up to you.

Log Cutting Chart:
Level 1 – 15 = 97 Normal Logs
Level 15 – 30 = 439 Normal Logs, 293 Oak Logs
Level 30 – 45 = 714 Willow Logs
Level 45 – 60 = 3,145 Willow Logs, 2,123 Maple Logs
Level 60 – 70 = 6,873 Willow Logs, 4,639 Maple Logs, 2,651 Yew Logs
Level 70 – 75 = 7,005 Willow Logs, 4,728 Maple Logs, 2,702 Yew Logs
Level 75 – 80 = 7,757 Maple Logs, 4,433 Yew Logs, 3,103 Magic Logs
Level 80 – 99 = 63,134 Yew Logs, 44,194 Magic Logs

Willows from 30 – 70 as advised = 7,587
Yews from 70 – 80 as advised = 7,135

Try to make this skill interesting by chatting to people at the various trees, there will usually be a number of other people there!

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  2. Very nice man. This will definitely help. I was going to try going all magic logs until 99, but I seen I should wait until 80 before I start. Thanks for the time saver =D


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