Runescape Fast Money Guide: Mining/Smithing


Do you need money in Runescape? Here you´ll find a lot of ways to make easy money in Runescape.

Runescape Fast Money Guide
One of my least favourite skills of all time, mining can be an excellent moneymaker once you hit level 85. I will keep this guide simple as I don’t know the best methods for training either of these, with my max levels in each being only 70 and 68 respectively.
Start out mining tin and copper. I personally mine from level 1 – 15 on Tin, then mine the same number of copper. Mining 150 of both Tin and Copper will get you to 21 Mining and the ability to use a mithril pick, which will make mining Iron easier than using a steel pick! Make sure to bank these ores, with a close mine to the bank being East Varrock mines. Smelting and smithing all of these ores will get you to 16 Smithing, so you will be able to smith Iron Bars.

Once you have reached 21 Mining you can mine iron! A good spot is the Rimmington mines, especially if you are a P2P with 30+ Construction. The servant can take your ores to the bank for you, and the mine is right next to the portal! This is even faster than power mining and dropping Iron ores in my opinion, and way less clicking! Iron ore is great money selling at 100gp+ per ore. Smithing these into bars is very profitable for members with a Ring of Forging which will make 140 Bars at 100% success (5 loads) otherwise the success rate is only 50%.

I would keep mining iron until level 60 Mining so you can enter the Miners Guild in Falador just below the bank. Smith only the amount of Iron needed to gain 30 Smithing then leave the rest for smithing Steel bars later (see numbers below). At level 60 Mining you can start mining coal in the guild for good money or for making steel bars, or if you would rather the XP you can keep mining Iron (power mining or banking, whichever is preferred). Personally I advise raising smithing WITH your mining rather than wasting the ores. I THINK coal becomes fairly easy to mine in the guild at around level 70, plus you have the advantage of mining the Adamantite ores in the Scorpions Lair just next to the guild through the gate along with the Mithril ores scattered through the two areas. Remember, crowded worlds have faster respawn on ores but more competition! Choose one that is right for your level.

For high-level mining do whatever you want to! I have never had mining above 70 so this is unknown to me. A fast way to raise is power mining Iron but if you would rather make money by all means mine coal and sell for 200gp+ per coal (check these prices).

It is advisable to smith everything you make at least into bars! Bars sell for a lot more than the ores would but take time to smith. It all depends on whether you like the skill ore not, but it reaps its rewards like most other skills!

Level 1 – 21 = 287 Copper/Tin
Level 23 – 60 = 7,678 Iron
Level 60 – 70 = 13,254 Iron, 9,278 Coal
Level 70 – 85 = 72,028 Iron, 50,420 Coal

Smithing (smelt and smith):
Level 1 – 15 = 129 Bronze
Level 15 – 30 = 293 Iron (at 100% success rate – more without Ring of Forging)
Level 30 – 55 = 1600 Steel
Level 55 – 70 = 11,569 Steel, 7,954 Mithril
Level 70 – 85 = 45,836 Steel, 31,513 Mithril, 25,210 Adamantite

As you can see, mining and smithing is A LOT of work, but with Rune Ores selling at around 12k each ore, it is certainly worth the effort!

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