Runescape Fast Money Guide: Fishing/Cooking


Do you need money in Runescape? Here you´ll find a lot of ways to make easy money in Runescape.

Runescape Fast Money Guide
Again, a skill I haven’t been able to raise the best I wanted to, fishing (with cooking) is an excellent way to make a boatload of money! If you put in the time and effort to get to 76 Fishing and 80 Cooking, the rewards are GREAT!

Starting off, go to Draynor Village with a small net and fish shrimp there. You can either do this until level 5 and baitfish or continue till level 20 (along with anchovies at level 15) so that you can move straight to fly-fishing. Personally I fish with a net until fly fishing, but remember to keep ALL of the fish you catch! It is better to have a HIGHER cooking level than fishing level so you don’t burn as much, therefore you don’t lose as much money! The advantage of being in Draynor village is that you can cut a tree down, start a fire and cook the food as soon as you have caught the fish, then bank and fish some more.
Here’s a smart guide just for cooking for those of you with LOW COOKING levels. Also good for getting some feathers for fly fishing later:
· Go to the chicken pen near Lumbridge and kill chickens
· Collect feathers and fill inventory with raw chicken
· The farmer’s building inside the fenced area has a “cooking pot”
· Use the chicken on the pot, then “cook all” chicken
· After all have been cooked, drop the chickens and go kill more

I did this to get me to 20 cooking on my new account then bought raw trouts to get 40 cooking, and it is still 1 fishing, so as fishing rises, the cooking level will get higher and will burn less by the time I get to lobsters! This works well to maximise money you earn later AND gain fishing supplies for fly-fishing!

At level 20 F2P and P2P should move onto Barbarian Village to fly fish Trout. It is smart to bring a tinderbox and axe to cook the fish here straight after catching, and it is up to you whether you drop or bank. Personally I would drop trout as they don’t sell very easily and it is a fairly long walk to the bank (Edgeville). Continue fishing trout until level 30, when you can catch salmon with fly-fishing. You can catch a number of different fish using bait fishing but I personally find fly fishing all the way easier, without the hassle of buying more supplies like a rod and bait. At level 30 fishing you will catch a lot more trout than you will salmon, but keep cooking and dropping everything, as they are not worth selling in my opinion. Continue fly-fishing until level 60! YES, level 60.
At level 40 it is easy to say “Sweet time to catch lobsters” but it isn’t worth your time just yet! It takes a LONG time to fish lobsters at level 40, even up to level 50! Trout/salmon fishing is very fast XP, so if you’re looking to raise your fishing and cooking level a little higher before moving onto lobsters stay with fly-fishing. If you raised your cooking level using the method above for getting level 20 before fishing, and you have cooked everything you have caught since beginning fishing, on reaching level 20 fishing you should have around 61 – 62 cooking! This means you will burn a lot less lobsters! At level 60 fishing P2P can move on to Catherby and start catching lobsters, whilst F2P can go to Karamja and catch lobsters there. It is VERY hard for F2P to make money from lobsters without being dedicated, so it’s all up to you! P2P should keep fishing and cooking lobsters until they can catch sharks, of course! The fishing guild becomes available for P2P at level 68 fishing, or you can use a fishing pot to get in at level 65. Here there are a lot of places for fishing lobsters and sharks, along with a bank and a range, which makes fishing easy as well as enjoyable whilst talking to a number of other skilled fishers!
At level 76 fishing it is fairly slow fishing sharks so you can keep catching lobsters till 80 whilst raising your cooking to 80, remembering that you cannot cook the sharks until you reach 80 cooking! Once you are fishing and cooking sharks you’re on the road to riches, as these sell for up to 1,000gp each!
A great, fast way to raise your cooking is by buying raw lobsters. This is costly so don’t do it if you don’t have the money. It has the potential to make back the money spent depending on how much you payed for raw lobsters! A smart idea is to go to F2P and buying raw lobsters for 225gp – 250gp each then cook and sell for 250 ea on the forums. I always cook in Catherby but I think there are closers spots (to a bank), I am not positive though. I used this method to go from 60 – 72 cooking, and at around 72 cooking you stop burning lobsters! A good quest to complete is the Family Crest quest, which you can get cooking gauntlets from. The cooking gauntlets stop you from burning as much food, so these are a must have for sharks!

Fishing Guide:
Level 60 – 76 = 11,808 Lobsters
Level 76 – 80 = 7,219 Lobsters, 5,906 Sharks
Level 80 – 99 = 100,440 Sharks

Before level 60, if you follow my guide, you will catch a mix of salmon and trout so I cant post an exact amount for you, sorry!
Obviously cannot do a cooking guide as cooking is random unless your cooking level is great enough to avoid burning them at all. I’m not sure on the levels needed for each fish, so I’ll leave that out. Remember to cook everything you catch! You will need the levels!

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