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Submachine 4 WalkthroughSubmachine 4 - The Lab is fourth episode of Submachine point and click game series has been released by Mateusz Skutnik. "Submachine: The Lab. The game in which with every puzzle solved, every chapter finished you fall deeper and deeper into mystery. Fourth chapter takes us to the heart of the submachine, the place where all questions will be finally answered. Or were finally answered. Once again it's time to ask youself - is it possible that you're too late? "
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Submachine 4 Walkthrough:

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The Lab

1. Find the hammer and break the padlock on the shutter. Enter the attic.
2. Find the chimney brush, go back to the roof and tossit into the chimney. Go back to the attic and collect the door key from the chimney. Also find rubber tube, gas handle, the key, and naphthalene from the suit pocket.
3. Open door using door key and enter the lab.
4. Upper floor of the lab: click on the green computer and using the button talk to Murtaugh. After a short chat he will print out the list of known locations. Take it from the printer. On this floor collect the lighter as well.
5. Go down, collect the beaker. go down to the main floor of the lab.
6. Go left into the bathroom and place the beaker on the grate on the floor. Using the hammer knock off the plug on the pipe above the beaker.
7. Exit the bathroom. Go right to the room with the ladder. Collect a cd there and go up. Collect IronTrioxide from the holder and go right. Collect the screwdriver. Use the rubber tube to connect the burner to the yellow pipe. Also use the gas handle on the pipe. Turn the gas handle, switch on the burner, and light the flame using the lighter.
8. Go all the way back to the roof and on the far lef side use the screwdriver to release the valve. After the screw falls down, collect the valve.
9. Go back to the lab and go into the bathroom. Collect the soap from the sink. Place the valve on the vertical pipe and turn it. Now you can collect the full beaker.
10. Go to the burner and place full beaker on the burner. Drop soap, IronTrioxide and Naphthalene into the beaker in this order. Collect AcidiOxide and the now-empty tester.
11. Go back to the bathroom and fill the tester as you did with the beaker before. Collect water. Go two rooms right, there are two pieces of paper on the desk, collect them. Go to the far right, use the key on the locked door and enter. Click the bell. Use AcidiOxide on the crate mechanism. Go right again and collect the note behind the portal.
12. Enter 1-0-4 on the portal and click the large button underneath the numbers. You’ll be taken to…
Ancient Location
1. Find the pedestal with four vertical switches. There are four signs on the switches: “/” “|” “_” “\”. There are also four small doors with symbols on each of them. Turning the right swithes will open them. For example, if you click on switches “|” and “_” it will open door marked with “+”. And so on. Open four doors, you should collect these items: stone key, blocade, tile D, tile B and a knife.
2. Go one room up from switches and use blocade and stone key. New ladder will come down. Before going up turn all switches down, go up, go up again, where another small door will have opened and collect tile C. Go all the way to the top, use knife to cut the rope. Go all they way down again and collect tile A.
3. Go down to the room with the dog. Use all tiles on the wall machine, and click the button that is revealed.
4. Go back to the portal, there is a new ladder going up. Go up and collect the coil. Go left, collect the note and get back to the portal. Type 5 - 2 - 9 into the portal and teleport to…
The Basement
1. Go two chambers to the right, there is a coil charger. Place coil on it and pull the lever. When its done, collect charged coil and go to the bottom left room. Place the coil in the machine and flip the switch.
2. When its charged, repeat recharging coil for similar machine on the bottom right (take the coil out of the first machine and go recharge it). After that turn the switch on the machine in the middle room. A laser beam will appear. Go two rooms up from here and put the cd on the holder to bend the laser beam.
3. Recharge the coil again and go to the portal. Type 6 - 9 - 0 and teleport to…
Looping Trap

1. Rooms in this section are placed in a coordinates system. The portal is in room (0, 0). Go left, and you’re in room (-1, 0). Click the machine so it shows 1, 1, press the button at the base of the machine, then go to the room (1, 1) and click the button that has appeared there.
2. Repeat the same for (1, 0), (0, 1) and (-1, -1). Don’t forget to click the button after setting the coordinates!
3. After that go to room (-1, 1) and collect the orb.
4. Go back to the portal. type 5 - 2 - 9 and go back to…
The Basement (Revisited)
1. Go to the room with a pedestal and the laser beam that has been bent. Place the orb on the pedestal. After it breaks, collect the chest key. Go back to portal. Type 5 - 5 - 1.
Brick Room
1. Turn off the water in the pipes. On the portal type 4 - 6 - 2 and go to…
1. Go all the way to the right and find the pipe section with the padlock on it. Break the padlock using hammer. You have to strike it four (4) times to break it. Collect the turbine. Go back to the portal and type 8 - 0 - 0.
The Ship
1. It’s dark. You have to light the lamp first (middle left) - use the lighter.
2. Go right and unscrew the metal hatch using the screwdriver. Use the knife to cut the wires.
3. A new ladder appears in the far left room.
4. Go up. Use the lighter on the lamp again. Go right and up, use the lighter on the lamp again. Put the turbine into the pipe and close the round metal door. Go down, push the switch, the grate goes up, go right again.
5. Use the chest key to open the chest. Collect the arm. go back to the portal, type 7 - 7 - 0.
The First Tomb

1. There are no rooms here, just this chamber. But if you look closer, there is a sign on the right wall (click to zoom in). A circle, a square and a triangle. So type 0 - 4 - 3 on the portal and teleport.
The Second Tomb
1. Use water on the big shining bubble. Water is in the test tube you collected from the lab. Collect the sceptre when it appears.
2. Go back to the portal, return to the Ancient Location (1 - 0 - 4)
Ancient Location (Revisited)
1. Go up, place the charged coil on the machinery. Go left, turn the lamp on, and look through the lunette. You’ll see another coordinates. 4 - 5 - 2. Go back to the portal and teleport to that location.
1. Use the arm and the sceptre on the statue…and you’re out!

source:Arcade Town

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  1. Oh no does any one know that coordinates for the lab, the first place you are? I forgot to get water for the end part and i can't get back!

  2. It's 001, if anyone ever cares


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