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Submachine Zero WalkthroughAnother game from the maker of Submachine series. This game is shorter than other Submachine games, but still you have to search to find items and clues for figuring out.

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Submachine Zero Walkthrough:

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1. Go right and pick up "Tongue 1" from on top of the golden thing. Pick up Lighter from the wall, somewhere around the middle of the screen.
2. Go left twice and pick up "Tongue 2" from in between the pieces of rocks on the floor.
3. Go to the first screen (Door with weird looking alligators or whatever they are) and put tongue one and tongue two in each alligator, accordingly. Click on middle of door, it will open. Enter chamber.
4. Go down stone steps and use lighter to light torch on the left. Go down again.
5. Go right and again use the lighter to light the torch (or whatever it is).
6. Go down and click on the button looking stone, it will move down. Now you can go back up and go into the room to your left.
7. Click the cube on top of the stand once. Go right, down, right, down and into the opening to the right. Pick up the red jewel (Jewel 1). Go back up to the cube and click again. Go back down and into the opening on the floor, pick up the jewel. Go back up and click on the cube again. Go down again and into the opening to the left. Pick up jewel and a square stone under the opening.
8. Go up, right outside the room with the cube go right twice and use the stone to stop the 2 bottom spears from attacking you, go into the room (to the right).
9. You'll see a stone doeg with 3 stone blocks. Use Jewel 3 on the first hole on topmost stone, Jewel 2 next and jewel 1 last. All 3 stones move up, revealing an opening on the ground.
10. Go down and click on the wisdon crystal. End of game.

Source: Escape the Room

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