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This is a challenging Japanese point and click adventure game, in which you need to go through a tunnel, and unlock secret areas. Collect and use coins and other items in order to advance. Use the map at the bottom left corner to see your current location. Knowledge of the language is not necessary to finish the game.
Good luck!!!

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1. 1st Screen, left spike, collect coin
2. 3rd Screen, between tunnels, collect coin
3. Go left. To the right of the grey statue on the floor, collect coin
4. Beneath sign to the right of the dragon door, on floor, collect coin
5. Observe sign to the right of dragon door - use this sign to place coins left to right in color statues to unlock sun door in right hand tunnel
6. Reclaim coins from statues after hearing noise
7. Ahead then to the right, collect coin to the right under the open sun door
8. Enter Sun Door. Go Right. Take plane from middle of left silver guard
9. Go back and left. Click to zoom to statue. Observe order of coins in each color in eyes.
10. Collect 6th coint from under left hand ear of gold statue.
11. Go back and place coins in colored status according to pattern. Hear noise then retrieve coins
12. Collect skull from red statue mouth
13. Forward, left, left, left - place plane into mouth of left gold statue
14. Place coins in following order into center statues eyes -- X| ]-[ |x
15. Enter the mouth - dip skull in water to make ice
16. Back, Back, Back - grey statue lights are now flashing. Open map by clicking on scroll. Lights signify order of buttons to press on the map. They are always the same so double-click the buttons in this order, listen for confirmation noise

double-click the circle on the right hand silver statue of the two silver statues
double-click the button on the wall near the water
double-click the button on the wall at the entrance to the hall that takes you to the gold head statue with the 3 colours on it
double-click the circle on the right hand gold statue of the three gold statues
double-click the oval shape on the wall between the two alligators wall carving


Solución es español: El Comentario
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