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This is the sequel to Tucoga's Room, a Brazilian room escape game.
Gather and use items in order to escape. You can set the language to English on the pc in the game.
Good luck!!!

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01) Light on
02) Over the computer in the shelf completely right blue book - > CD
03) Middle, light blue book down - > blue part of the charm cube
04) CD shelf to the left of the books, right row, lightgreen CD - > CD
05) Over the stereo system click - > key 1
06) Raise all three couch cushions - > key 2 + battery 1
07) Put down all the cushions, something falls to the floor - > key 3
08) click the right lower edge of the table - > yellow part of the cube
09) click between couch and cabinet - > Orange part of the cube
10) In the shelf right above beside flower pot - > remote; completely right on the shelf - > lamp rope; to the left of the plant - > Paper hat
11) in the corner of the room, to the left of the bathroom door, click the corner o fthe carpet - > green cube part
12) on the ceiling, of the corner to the left of the corner you just got the green piece from, click - > battery 2
13) With the three keys, open we the right door of the shelf with the pictures - > hammer; the left door under the TV - > cutter and CD; and the left door in the bathroom - > light bulb
14) In the left bath cabinet is another key, in the middle of the edge that is the rear, right corner of the cabinet - > key 4
15) With key 4 open the right bathroom cabinet door - > take the paper
16) Lower, left corner of the garbage can - > key 5
17) With the hammer, smash the mirror, click on the bottom right of the green poster - > CD
18) With the hammer, hit the tile the is 4 right and 3 down from the top left corner of the room - > red part of the cube
19) click under the edge in the toilet - > key 6
20) With the two new keys, open the right door under the TV - > tape; and the left door of the shelf - > grey cube
21) Cut the paper hat and put it on the lamp along with the string and the light bulb, turn off the lights and look at the piece of paper for a 3 digit code
22) Before turning on the light, click on the white lite up area on the celing - > press the white button
23) A door will appear on the floor and the door down the hall is now unlocked. Go through the door to go back into the room from the first game
24) On the wall, note the order of the colors (yellow, red, green, blue, purple, white)
25) put the batteries into the remote, go to the TV, turn it on (power button) and enter the 3 digit code from the paper - > get a four digit code
26) on the picture that hangs close to the lamp, click the colors in the order (from left to right) to you saw on the wall in the other room - > safe appears
27) enter the 4 digit code from the TV - > white cube piece.
28) Drop all the colored pieces onto the grey cube to make the key box, then turn off the lights and turn to the shelf, on the table you will see a box of light, place the colored key box in the square outline- > get the main key
29) With the lights still off, unlock and open the door next to the lamp, BUT DO NOT GO THROUGH THE DOOR!!!
30) There is some writing on the door, so to make a copy of the writing, use the tape on the paper and then the paper on the written on area. After you have the copy of the writing, use the cutter on the paper to cut out the holes.
31) Zoom in on the TV, switch it on and enter the 3 digit code from before and place the paper on the screen - > note the white/black dot combinations
32) Turn the light on, then it is not so dark. Go the the room down the hall and take the key box from the desk
33) The three posters should now all be green and look like this,
—Now go to the computer
34) the keyboard of the computer has three green lights that symbolize CAPS lock, Num lock, and scroll lock. (from left to right)
35) From the dot combinations from the TV, enter the three dot combinations in any order, and hit return after each combinaton (black dot means a green litght, white means no light). This will turn all the signs to \o/
—NOTE: For some reason, the second code from the TV did not work for me, so if one of the codes doesn’t work, try one of these. First code: (G) green (S) off (G) green, then press Return, second code: SGG, then Return; Third code: GGG, then Return
36) If you have done everything correctly, there are now more cube pieces to collect, the internal pieces.
37) Orange one - > where the battery 2 was; White - > in the toilet completely on the top right when you zoom in (behind your inventory bar so you may have to shrink the bar); Green - > on the pot plant; Blue - > to the left of the small lamp; Yellow - > use the cutter on the front of the right sofa cushion; Red - > in the window with the picture of the skyline
38) Assemble the cube, turn out the lights, place the key box in the box of light, get the key, and use it on the trap door. - > 100% COMPLETE!!

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  1. the reason that the holes in the paper did not work correctly is because there is another channel on the TV that is needed to see the correct holes. In the begining of the game, in the toilet bowl, if you do not flush it, the numbers 053 are next to the key. put the paper with holes on the tv and type 053 with the remote and black and green holes appear in the correct pattern.

  2. Does this only work if you do not flush the toilet? How does it work if you flush???

  3. You can see this numbers in toilet bowl when the light is turn off. Flushing doesnt change anything. But do You know that when You unroll toilet paper You can see number: 03 ?

    Now I have problem with changing Caps/Scroll/nunlock - how canI turn this light on/off?

  4. where do you find the white dot?

  5. i cant find the key in the toilet...?

    and the white dot is right above the lamp when the lights are off,and the lamp is on.To do somake sure the cone, bulb and pull string are in place(make sure lamp is on). Click the white licght, then the dot in the light.

  6. Can someone help me find the key in the toilet its driving me craz????????/

  7. if the dot's on the tv don't work, turn off the light and go to the toilet, you have to flush the toilet and zoom in on it. there's a code wich gives the correct order of the dots

    great game btw

  8. Where is Key 4? I cant find it.

  9. Tis a bloody hard escape game. I do loads but this one just drove me insane. I am now having therapy. Thanks Tucoga.

  10. The first time I tried it there was no key in the toilet, but the second time there was. All I can suggest if it is not under the rim, (clearly visible) is start from scratch.

  11. press return means press enter in the same keyboard

  12. there's a video at http://www.keybol.org/2009/08/tucogas-room-2-walkthrough.html if youre having a headache


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