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Tucoga’s Room is a Room Escape Game created by Tuco Amaral of Brazil. In this game all written in Portuguese, you find yourself trapped in a room that could be described as a "Blue Chamber".
There are a lot of items hidden in Tucoga’s Room and you will have to collect them all before being able to exit.
Nice and fun, here is a new Room Escape game that should keep you busy for a while, especially if you try to complete it without help.

Play Tucoga’s Room


1. Switch on light
2. Zoom to shelf
3. Get rubiks (plus note - it is in portugese and is not required)
4. Move yellow smiley face toy to find yellow key 1
5. Click on top of pages of blue book to reveal yellow diamond, collect it
6. One scene to the right, collect small battery 1 from behind rear left leg of table
7. Retrieve yellow key 2 from plant
8. Retrieve green diamond from plant, disguised as leaf
9. one scene to the right, collect large battery 1 from joint of ceiling/wall
10. collect small battery 2 from windowsill
11. collect cardboard template from beneath rug
12. collect yellow key 3 from under matress at the end of the bed
13. collect large battery 2 from under bedside table
14. take the mirror off the wall
15. In wardrobe, remove clock hand from rug,
16. get small battery 3 from rear LHS corner of top shelf
17. get yellow key 4 from within yellow clothes on top shelf
18. Zoom to read time at top of poster
19. Use 4 keys to open 4 drawers, collect blue + red diamonds, blank paper + lazer pen
20. Put hand on clock and enter time, retrieve purple diamond from clock
21. Put big batteries in desk lamp
22. Put blank paper under desk lamp, click lamp to turn on and reveal an arrow
23. Put small batteries in lazer pen. Sit lazer on the arrow
24. Place mirror on the wall next to the wardrobe where the red light from the lazer shines
25. Lazer is now reflected onto pinboard, click where the red light shines
24. Retrieve white diamond off wall
25. Retrieve orange square from towards bottom right of puzzle
26. Combine orange piece with rubiks to form orange key
27. Hold template over bottom left side of colour puzzle to reveal phrase in portugese and series
of colours.
28. Place colours in the diamond shaped puzzle above the coffee table, use order from colour puzzle
29. collect hammer from behind wardrobe, smash the mirror, retrieve the ID card. Do this before retrieving
white and orange pieces from behind colour puzzle and the game is over. The green stick man in the painting
puts his head in his hands when this happens /O\ instead of \o/.
30. Switch off the lights and read the password from the inside of the RHS wardrobe door
31. Click Door, use orange key, use ID card, use password, The End

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  1. This is not the walkthrough for the "tucogas room" i knew/want...


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