Yuria's Hotel - Walkthrough


This is a room escape game, the sequel of Yuria´s Room.
This time you need to escape the hotel. Although the game is in Japanese, it can be finished without knowledge of the language.
Good luck!!!

Play Yuria's Hotel

1. Go outside the room. Go down the hallway twice. Notice the poster and the location of all the rooms.

2. Go back up the hallway twice and enter room 2 on the right. Connect the roomnumbers on the poster (using the previous poster from the hallway) and you will get the code to the lock. Get the crowbar.

3. Go the the hallway, go down once and enter room 3 on the left. Get the rope (bottom of the screen).

4. Go back to the hallway and go down once. Go to the right and get the key.

5. Go right once more. You're outside. Go down once and get the mushroom.

6. Go up, go to the left twice and go down the hall once. Enter room 6 on the right. Flip through the pages and notice the brown mushroom.

7. Leave the room and enter room 5 on the other side of the hallway.

8. Use the crowbar on the board. Take the board. Open the secret passage. Take the battery. Notice something between the shoes and the book. Click on it. You will then be able to remove the other items.

9. Leave the room. Go up once and to the left twice. You're outside. Go up once and dip the mushroom in the brown water. Then put the board over the water and cross it.

10. Give the mushroom to the bird and get the second key.

11. Go down twice, to the right twice. Go up once and enter room 4 by using the first key. Get the flashlight from underneath the pillow.

12. Go the the left and go down twice. Use the second key on door 7. Get the battery from behind the table. Put both batteries into the flashlight and switch it on.

13. Leave the room, go up and enter room 5 on the left. Open the secret passage, tie the rope on the metal and use the flashlight while going in.

14. You will find a red door. The trick is to turn every X into a O.

15. One way to open it (I will number them 1 - 25)

3,15,23,11,2,4,24,21,6,10,20,16,8,14,18,12 and then the middle one. I'm sure it can be done faster (?), but it's just one way to open it...

16. The end...

Source: Escape the Room
Solución en Español: El Comentario

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  1. hi

    cant doit

    i dip the mahroom in the brown water thin icros to the athor side win i give the mashroom to the bird he go away and i got no key or nothing what i do wrong
    please help


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