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Yuria's Room 2 WalkthroughThis is the sequel to Yuria's Room, created by the same author as Yuria's Hotel. Collect items and use them, and also solve puzzles in order to escape. There is no language barrier to finish the game.
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Yuria's Room 2 Walkthrough:

go out the door. notice on left column: star=6
go back in room, go left. open window several times, a key will fall out.
zoom at key click on it a few times and you’ll see that it is an usb stick.
take note from first drawer and one from the second. a book from the last.
notice on the bottom left side of the cupboard : reversed heart= star …so the heart nr is 9.
now look at the second note there is a code for how to get the heart. open the drawers in the row the numbers on the piece of paper say it.
go to the laptop. click on bottom rigth side of laptop. there is an usb inputthing. usw usb on it.
click on webcam.
solve the sliding puzzle…(yes,i hate it, too) dont know how i solved it,either
click on shape on the wall, youll get a screwdriver.
use it on green plate.
take plate and look on the backside. it says 1. when you put the pieces together in your mind it is ᬐ = 7+1 so it is ᬐ=0.
put in the heart and click on the symbols for the right numbers. it is 609
click on the shape on the wall and get a handle.
place handle in thing next to door.
now look at the fairytale book and notice the symbols from the book. (crown, sword, fireball). the colors from the codebar have to match the colors in the book.
finally you are out!

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