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1 Way is a Russian Room Escape game.
Your goal here is to escape a school room in which you have fallen asleep. When you woken up, you realized that everybody was gone and the room’s door was locked.

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n the first scene get the nail from the bench on the left.
Get the empty match box from underneath the desk on the right.
Move left.
Focus in on the plant at the back of the classroom and get the rope.
5. Get the key from the flower pot.
6. Get the pencil from the other plant on the window sill.
7. Move left, use the yellow key on the locked cupboard and get the glass pot.
8. Move left twice, turn the tap on and fill up the pot.
9. Move right twice, use the nail to open the vent in the upper part of the wall.
10. Quickly use the pot of water to put the fire out.
11. Get the scissors and the red key from the vent.
12. Move left twice. Use the red key on the locker above the sink.
13. Press the colored buttons in the sequence shown to open the locker.
14. Collect the soda and the vinegar.
15. Move right to the piano, focus in on it and find the key that doesn’t play a note. Use the nail on it to lift it and get a blue key.
16. Move right and use the blue key on the cupboard with the keypad lock.
17. OK the combination for the key pad is the formula that is written on the blackboard. It’s quite complicated and you need to substitute the values of the day and hour as per when you’re playing the game. If you want to make life easier for yourself, set your computer clock to 00:00 hours and then the answer to the combination is ‘0′.
18. Get the calculator and the match.
19. Move right, use the nail (again) on the mark on the floor, this will reveal a code. I needed to use the window’s magnifier to see what this code was but even then it’s not clear. Anyway the code is actually ‘6593′
20. Focus in on the calculator and enter the code, you should see a secret opening open.
21. Get the piece of paper in the opening which is the recipe for a bomb.
22. Use the scissors on the pencil to make some graphite and then on the flowers to get a bloom.
23. Fill up the pot with water again and then add the flower (red color), the soda, the vinegar and the graphite.
24. Put the bubbling pot by the door.
25. Add the rope as a fuse and the light the match (on the matchbox) and light the fuse. The bomb goes off and… it was just a dream!

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