Angel Love Online - Free MMORPG for PS3


The publisher of games such as Lumines and Meteos will be releasing an MMORPG free of charge to PS3 owners, Angel Love Online.

Angel Love OnlineThe game has already been released for the PC since last December, so the game isn’t too new. The game will be out December this year.

But what’s the catch? Q will be making profit the way that many other Korean MMO’s have been getting their share for the past few years: micro transactions. This has been seen in popular MMO’s such as Maple Story; the game is absolutely free to play, but it’ll cost you a few dollars here and there for the extra perks. Before you know it, you will have spent well over the price of a normal PC game.

Source: Digital Battle

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  1. I have already installed this game.I played yhis one.This is so interesting.I want to know about more games.Can anyone give me the details?
    WoW Gold

  2. when will it be out for ps3

  3. will this game ever come out for ps3 in the US if it will please tell me i wana play!! lol add me on playstation online i play alot of games on there. my playstation network name is llkooltjg13


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