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Banana Peel is another Japanese point and click game, but this time it is not escape the room game, it is enter the house game, where you came back from shopping, you slipped on banana peel and have scattered loads.
Good Luck!!!

Play Banana Skin


-Pick up phone and shopping bag. Look into shopping bag to find note.
-Click on top of mailbox to find key. You can use this key to open the frontdoor already, but you get a lamer ending then.
-Click brown wall. Take carott.
-Click on first brown fence. Lift flowerpot to take key.
-Back and turn left 3 times facing garage door. Take potatoes from floor.
-Look under door. Click the purse. You can't take it.
-Use yellow key on keylock of door. Click right side of door to open it.
-Take the rake and the catfood out of the box.
-Now use the rake to take the purse under the door.
-Click left once and look under car. Click the card. You can't take it.
-Turn right facing the window. Take butter or whatever it is from floor.
-Click on key. You can't take it.
-Click up once that you see the cat.Now highlight the catfood with the 'about item' function and open it.
-Turn down to see the cat with key. Use catfood on cat so the key falls down.
-Click on gras. Click on paper. Highlight your phone till there's a window with 'Let's go shopping'.
-A new window should come up. Click the scissors there.
-Again a new window comes up with the scissors where you have to note the number SJ8130RS. Enter that number into your phone.
-Now you have to wait a bit until there's a speech balloon at your front-door.Click on it then turn right.
-There's a packet with scissors in there.
-Use these scissors on the grass in front of the window to get the key.
-Use this key on the car that you can take the ID-card and the food.
-Look at the card and take a note of the number on the top right. Click it. That's the number for the mailbox.
-Enter it (0826) into mailbox to get another key.
-Open front door with that key and watch the ending.

Source: Lazylaces

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