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Esk 3 - Bathroom Escape is a kind of room escape game in Japanese but there is no language barrier. You are locked in the bathroom and you have to escape.
Good Luck!!!

Play Bathroom Escape

1. Take soap from dish.
2. Take picture from waste bin.
3. Plug in the toilet. [The plugs are on the left side of the toilet.]
4. Open toilet, press last button, notice it says triangle + triangle = circle.
5. Go to sink, turn on cold water. Use soap and water.
6. Use the soap on the hot water knob stuck in the tub. Take knob.
7. Put knob on sink, turn on hot water. Wait for mirror to steam up. When it's steamy it'll say H-our, H-ot, H-eart, and H-igh. You need to find the color that corresponds to the word. [In this case: green, red, yellow, blue.] Open the mirror. Take toothpaste, picture, and brushes. Also, on top of the mirror, take dentist mirror.
8. Click to the soap dish, use toothpaste on loose screw. Take razor.
9. Use razor to cut the ropes off the knobs. Turn on water. Click on the shower head. Notice the triangle, look at the number. So, triangle = whatever number it says.
10. Move to the toilet, take off the top, take blue toothbrush.
11. Click to the trash view, Click on top left corner [ red mark ] it says the second triangle number. Use the dentist mirror to see behind the toilet. Add both triangle numbers and you get the circle number for you door code.
12. Go back to mirror, open, and look at picture. It says the key to getting the square number. Arrange the brushes like in the picture and do the math. The answer is your square number.
13. Go back to toilet, open, click on the picture of the man. The picture goes into the toilet. Flush it.
14. Move to trash can view, triangle view [for looking behind the toilet.] On bottom left of toilet find the lightbulb.
15. Put the lightbulb in the lamp by the toilet. Open the curtain. Turn out lights, and look at curtain. It highlights the star number.
16. Put the numbers you found [Square, triangle, circle.]
17. Click to the ceiling and find a attic door.
18. Click the door and you're out!!!

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