Blue Chamber - Walkthrough


Blue Chamber is one of the point'n'click escape the room Fasco-cs games.
Search and use items in order to open the door and escape the room.
You can turn inside the room by clicking left and right white colored spots. To see more about founded items click on them at items menu. You can use an item by clicking on that and then click where you want to use it.
Good Luck!!!

Play Blue Chamber


Go to the desk with the phone on it and open the drawer. Take the pen.

Turn all the way around and face the chair. Click on the cushion and take the piece of paper.

Go to the pole thing on the wall and take the cylinder out of it.

Click on the paper and then keep clicking on the pen until it says "Help Me."

Put the paper into the cylinder.

Put the cylinder back into the pole and press the red button. Wait for it to come back then take the paper back out.

Make a 180 degree turn to face the picture. Click on the upper right corner of the frame. Then click on the upper left corner. Then the lower right corner. Take the money.

Click on the money and then the pen. Draw a face. Then put the money into the cylinder.

Go to the phone and dial 4357*63. A deep voice will tell you "OK."

Go to the pole and put the cylinder back inside. Press the red button. When it comes back take the key out.

Use the key on the door.

Update: White Chamber walkthrough

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  1. Where the hell did "4357*63" come from???

  2. If you look at those numbers on an actual phone, you'll notice they spell out "HELP*ME".

  3. dis was so radd!!! i like when it said "ok" creepy!!!
    okk laterz hilary who sxc!! f.o.b. rocks!


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