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Wanpa's Store - Collaboration Escape is another new Japanese point and click room escape type game from the creator of Wanpa games. In this game differently there are two rooms and you have to search these rooms to find somethings in a room and use them on other room in order to escape the rooms.
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Left room : Pull lever a few times and get tweezers.
Left room : Use tweezers on the tap. Operate the tap to make water flow.
Left room : Pull lever to the left. Right room : Push light button : it should switch off the light in the left room. You can see a glowing button on the right of the sink (left room). Push it
Right room : Open the cabinet and get a cup
Left room : Pull lever to the right. Right room : Push light button : it should switch off the light in the right room. You can see a glowing button on a blank wall (right room). Push it.
Right room : Click on the edge of the cabinet to get a screwdriver
Solve the 2 square puzzles in each room. A communication between the 2 rooms is now available. Note that objects can only travel following the arrows [\spoiler]
[spoiler] Send the screwdriver from right room to left room ans unscrew the plate on the wall close of the elevator. Take the pillow and put it in the communication tunnel
Send the cup to left room and pick some water
Put water in the hole close of the lever. A new screwed plate appears close of the elevator in right room.
Switch off the light in right room. Another glowing button appears close of the previous one. Push it. An arrow button appears in the left room
Push the red arrow : the sense of communication has changed. Send the screwdriver back to the right room
Unscrew the plate and get a key. Push red arrow in the left room and send the key to the left. Open the elevator
In the right room look at the communication tunnel. Change the sense in the left room. You can see a blank hole in the tunnel : click it on right screen.
A and B are now within the same room. Go out.

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