Counseling Room Escape - Walkthrough


Counceling Room Escape Game is a point and click room escape game.
You were on the bed in the counseling room when opening your eyes by chance. You have a pain in the head and hands and feet, etc. Will it be a power failure? Good Luck!!!
This is one of those "to be continued" game.
Good Luck!!!

Play Counseling Room Escape


1. Click the curtain and take take crutches.
2. Take the glasses from the desk.
3. Look at the mirror.
4. Take a plaster from 1st shelf.
5. Look at the mirror.
6. Take a rusted key from the 3rd shelf.
7. Take a mercurochrome and an acid detergent from the table.
8. Clean a rusted key by clicking between the bed and the desk.
9. Open the desk with a shining key.
10. Look at the mirror.
11. Take a bandage from 2nd shelf.
12. Look at the mirror twice.

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