Dr. Metoro - Walkthrough


Japanese point and click escape the room game.
You start out in the dark and it may seem as if there is no place to go.
Persevere and you will find a fairly good challenge awaiting you at the other end of the tunnel.
Good Luck!!!

Play Dr. Metoro


1) Move Up, Up, Down, Left, Left and Up.
2) Click on Green button and enter room.
3) Turn left and move to the drawers on the left side. One is locked but the other has a 'spoon' inside. Take it.
4) Go to the bookcase and take the 'batteries' (lower right) and look at the paper with a note on it (left middle).
5) Go to the standalone desk and take the 'silicon-A' and the 'cup'.
6) Open the drawers and take the 'birdfood' and 'screwdriver'.
7) Now go to the bird stand and put the 'birdfood' in the holder.
8) Turn around and face the entrance door and click the panel on the left. Take the 'flashlight'. Now click the panel on the right to close the doors. Move the ladder infront of the doors.
9) Click the grate above the door and use the 'screwdriver' on the screws.
10) Move back and put the ladder back where it was originally and open the doors again.
11) Face the birdstand and turn around to the doors again and a parrot will enter the room.
12) Turn back to the parrot, and look at its feet. Take the 'key'.
13) Now use the 'key' on the locked drawer from earlier and take the 'silicon-B'.

NOTE: To combine in this game you musn't be close(zoomed in) to any objects.

14) Now, as the note earlier said, the ratio of mixture is A-10:B-1.
15) Move to the center of the room and click on the 'cup'. Now click on 'silicon-A' TEN times and 'silicon-B' ONCE.
16) Now click on the 'spoon' and the mixture should be filled in the 'cup'.

NOTE: If you screw it up, you have to start the game again (I think) as the mixture is wrong, but I haven't tried to see if you can still get a 10:1 ratio at higher levels.

17) While you are here, click on the 'flashlight' and then the 'batteries' to combine them.
18) Now move to the handprint mold and use the 'cup' on it. It will take a few minutes to dry so leave it and move onto other things for the time being.
19) Click the 'flashlight' on and move into the dark area behind the door.
20) Turn left and move straight and take the 'ID-card' on the floor. Head back into the room.
21) Click on the chessboard. Turn it on. (This is the annoying part if not done correctly).
22) A-Move left tower to 4th square from top-left(directly up) B-Move Queen 3 steps up C-Move right tower 2 places right D-Move Queen 1 place diagonally North-East. Checkmate! Note down the 'code' (35651877).
23) Go back to the Mold and take the 'handprint'.
24) Now you have the 'ID-card', 'handprint' and the 'code'. Move to the security door.
25) Use the 'ID-card' on the swiper. Enter the 'code' and press enter. Use the 'handprint' on the panel.
26) Head out the door!

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