Escape From Octlien - Walkthrough


Escape From Octlien is an escaping game.
This game takes place on a spacecraft in a distant future and have quite futuristic graphics.
Good Luck!!!

Play Escape From Octlien

get shovel and ladder
click on the small rock to get a handle
click the left passageway 3 times to get gold flake
click on the purple claw
click on panel to get octsaurus plate
put handle on circle
click it and go up
click the rectangle on left to get octopus plate
go up and follow the blue code to open the rooms to the left and right (click where the blue squares are)
on right side click the sun and get knob
go up get the coat and get card from middle left pod
go up and click the red button
on left side open cupboard and get purple thing
check the purple thing and click it
it turns into a sword
go right right up up right
use sword on glass
click the blue light when the automated hand is coming down
get the robot hand
go left and use sword on pipes
go down down left left up click the power plug
go up and check the coat and click the pocket and you get a pda
check the pda and click the green then yellow buttons

go down down left up up
use shovel on gold and get space suit
go up and insert the card into the machine on the right
go down down and put the ladder on the second floor door
click the ladder and go right
click on the cupboard and get an octape tile
put the robot arm on the white thing
go left left and click on a panel on the upper right and get power cord
put the gray knob in the hole
go up click the bottom cylinder and get an octlien tile
put power cord on the yellow thing on the right
go to the cat and try to cut it with the sword
then click on the cat and you pick it up
go down left ladder up up
watch the cutscene and you get to another room

go to the generator where you put the power cord and put octopus tile in square hole on the right
go down right and put octsaurus tile in square hole on wall
go down and put octape tile in square hole by ladder
go up and put octlien tile in square hole by gold
go up to the giant robot and press all three buttons on the machine the card is in.
pick up the tablet that falls and go back up the ladder and forward twice (the big robot fist should be through the floor!)
there will be some symbols flashing
press them on the tablet
go down a few times to the three way split where there will be an elevator

go right and get key in bottom side compartment
use that key on the door in the room where you put the robot arm
go up and click the knob on the pipe
get red crystal bobbing in water
use sword on big water tank in center of room
go to view of satelite
put red crystal on red dot to the left of the big button
press button

go back to where you started and get green snack floating in water
go through the upper hatch on right (square hole)
click on the left and right walls and hatches will open
put gold flake in left hole, green snack in right hole
watch video
now go back to the elevator
click elevator to escape

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  1. once you've found the elevator, you don't have to do anything more, you can just click on it and you will escape.


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