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Escape Game 3 ( Rulumomo Garden 3 ) is the English version of a point and click escape game. You again have to find a way to escape. Good Luck!!!

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Solución en Español: El Comentario

Click Right Arrow, Dad is standing right there, turn back to door and click it to get back in.

Go left. You will see a dresser with a snake in an aquarium, books, & a stuffed animal. Pick up grey diary from behind books, cell phone from bottom middle right drawer, take note of the numbers from bottom middle left drawer and pick up ruler from left side behind cabinet.

Turn left once. You will see a large cabinet and a small fridge on top of a table. Pick up water bottle in fridge, another piece of paper under bottom left side of table.

Turn left again. Number paper behind curtain & poem above window.

Left once, piece of paper in dog’s ear. Solve puzzle in box under cabinet. Missing one puzzle piece. Take pliers from bottom drawer, syringe from top drawer. Use ruler to get orange key on left side of cabinet.

Go back to cabinet with aquarium. Use pliers on double doors in middle to pick up tape and screwdriver. Use orange key on left door to pick up scissors.

Turn to the window and use scissors on bottom of curtain to pick up a blue key.

Go back to the aquarium cabinet again and open right door with blue key to pick up gold medal.

Turn right and pick up pieces of paper from trash.

Right again to a screen with a table. Take water from glass with syringe. Piece of paper in chair top left of table. Click on picture. Poem from above window will have 4 directions on it. Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast. Use screwdriver to remove screws in order corresponding to the poem. Pick up little cream colored square in middle of picture.

Turn right once and place missing puzzle piece in puzzle to pick up squirt gun. You can fill this up with water from syringe, but it is never used. Use diary to get 4 digit code from text to open up locked cabinet. Place gold medal in box at the top of cabinet to get red key.

Go back to cabinet next to mini fridge. Use red key to find game. You will need two chips and three marbles for the game. The pieces of paper from the trash can tell you that you have to break the bottle to get the marbles out but if you click it three times you can get the marble. Once to remove the water, again to remove the cap and the third time will give you a marble. The second marble is underneath the dog’s feet. You can now pick up the ladle from the table and put that together with the ruler and tape to remove the third marble from the tank. You can also now pick up the chips. One is behind the box holding the silver medal in the cabinet and the other is underneath the mini fridge.

Place marbles in 3 holes at the top of the machine, chips in two cream colored slots towards the bottom of the machine. When rotating lever comes back up and is in line with bottom ledge for second marble, press middle circular button on right side of machine. When that marble falls onto the rotating ledge, press top circular button. The second marble should end up falling at the right time to pass over the ledge the first marble pushes up then fall down to the next ledge taking it to the left. Right before it passes over the big black vertical stick, press bottom circle to release third ball. This should be timed correctly to release green key at bottom. This may take a few tries. The grey box below the circles will restart the game.

Now you can open up the double locked door next to the window that leads to the kitchen. Use the numbers you found on the 5 pieces of paper around the room and the numbers on the last page of the diary. The first numbers on the pieces of paper are 1-6. Put them in order for the code. Use the green key, pick up phone battery, use it to call boyfriend.

Note: After you put water from syringe into squirt gun you can pick up Tabasco sauce from the fridge, but you never use that either.

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