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Escape Green Room is another point and click escape the room game from 2keys Games, who is also creator of Escape Magenta Room, Escape Pink Room and Escape Library games.

You are now locked in a green room and you have to search there to collect items and use them on right places for escaping the room.
Good luck!!!

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Your inventory space is limited, you need to put the boxes in the right place as soon as possible.

Boxes location:

1. Left side of couch
2. Tea bag box (use the scissors)
3. On floor after knocking the 3 plants from the window down
4. Inside the door of the desk
5. Behind fax paper (take it, zoom it and click in the middle one)
6. Beside left leg of the desk Use the screwdriver on the grammaphone to separate the two pieces (loudspeaker and record player.
7. Inside Grammaphone´s loudspeaker
8 & 9. Inside record player (Use the screwdriver on the label, it reveals a keyhole. Use the blue key and take the 2 boxes and the silver key from the hidden place).
10 & 11. Inside the grate (You have to click the stool on left until it slides over, then use the crowbar from the file cabinet)
12 & 13. In the ceiling above the safe (Find a tiny dot, click it, use the blue key. One falls behind the bottle beside the couch. The other is behind the file cabinet)

14. Glue cards from woman to make another block (If you look by the keyhole and wait a moment you´ll see a lady walking. Use the loudspeaker on her hand, she´ll drop her purse. Flash her inmediatly with the camera and take the cards from the purse.
15 Under the hat by the bookshelf.
16. Inside the crystal ball (Use the hammer).
17. Behind the small planter next to the file cabinet.
18. On the chair beside desk (Just keep clicking until you grab it)

Find the blue key. It´s under the mat at the door (check the corners).

Grab the scissors (coach) and use it to cut the painting above the grammaphone. There´s a safe box hidden there. Use your blue key to open it and put the boxes inside.

There´s a book about “Esperanto” in the bookshelf, take notes with the translation of the numbers.

Start rotating the boxes in the safe until you end with 6 numbers spelled in esperanto. They can be 2, 3 or 4 letters. You have to read it horizontally and the word might continue onto the next line.

Solve the puzzle (meaning all green lights on) from the bookshelf. You´ll probably need some help but we already thought that ;) .

Use the level to move the bookshelf. To open the “Secret room” you´ll need the silver key from inside the grammaphone.

There´s a combination close to the center of the screen (random click until you find it if the room is in the dark). The numbers are those you got from the boxes.

Inside you´ll find a hydrolic, take it, lift the bookshelf and take the ladder.

Use the tiny sword from the picture next to the door on the History book. Take the dynamite.

Take the lighter from the desk.

Place the ladder inside the “Secret room” (left side), climb it and put the explosives on the hatch. Start the fireworks and you´re out.

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  1. This walkthrough was more like a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces.

  2. My computer won't show me how to get past the green lights.... =(

  3. where is the glue?

  4. where is the GLUE!!!!!

  5. where is the blue key????

  6. The blue jey is under the rug on the top left corner. Click on the corner and you will hardly be able to see it. Good luck!!

  7. Where's the crystal ball?!?! :,C

  8. the crystal ball is on the bookshelf 2nd from top gd luck

  9. where is the grate

  10. The grate is on the upper left wall in the area where the chair and desk are.

  11. I dont have enough room in my inventory. how do i fit it all.

  12. can somebody pleeeease tell me which label there talking about to open that keyhole....:)

  13. where do i put the blocks?my inventory is full of them....

  14. whats the combonation?

  15. I can't get to the safe,because I can't cut the painting with the scissors! HELP

  16. where's the dynamite?
    im at the end and can't seem to find it in the bookshelf??

  17. i cant find the glue anyone know where it is????


    click left corner of the fourth shelf of the book shelf :]]

  19. HELP!
    when I knock over the fax paper...
    the box doesn't appear!
    why is that?
    Is the last one I need!

  20. i dont know how to solve the green puzzle!!!

  21. where the heck is the loudspeaker from the cards from the woman at the door? i dont get it.

  22. HERE IS A WALKTHROUGH I tried to do the spoilers but it did not work for me SO IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO READ THIS THEN PLEASE DO NOT READ IT YOU WERE WARNED first check under seat cover and take the scissors form under the right seat cover then go one room to the right and use the scissors on the picture on the wall to reveal a safe and if you have noticed there are alot of boxs with letters on them so we might as well start getting them to put in the safe behind the picture that you just cut down. The 1 box in the the green tea box open it with the scissors then click the top to open it after you get the box return the green box to where you got it. box 2 is to the left of the couch click the floor right under the coffee table but also beside the couch in the corner the 3 box is in the potted plants just keep clicking them till they fall and break open then you will get another box. turn to the right and pick up the right flower pot and click on box number 4 box number 5 is in the gramaphone speaker click it several times till it falls off then look at it and click the center of it till it turns over and it falls out and do not put the speaker back you will need it later and while you're here you can throw those boxs in the safe to make more room in your inventory. Now click on the bottom right file cabinet and take the hammer crowbar and screwdriver and you can return the scissors back to where you got them from. now turn right again and click on the 2 shelf from the top on the left hand side and take the crystal ball and look at it and hit it with the hammer to get box number 6 and after that you can return the crystal ball after you clicked on the box to get it otherwise when you close the screen out you will have to do it again. now click along the same side but now in the fourth one from the top and you will see a hat and a bottle of glue grab the glue and pick up the hat and click on it till box number 7 falls out now click on the left top corner of the multi colored throw rug to find a key sometimes you might have to zoom in to see it better and now that we have the key lets turn back left to where the gramaphone is if you look up towards the ceiling just above the safe you can see a little half square click it to find a trap door now use your newly found key to open it and watch the two boxs fall out and you will have to hunt them down and find out where they went so first turn right and look at the wine bottle and click on box number 8 and box number 9 is along the wall by the left side of the file cabinet now go ahead and throw those in the safe and then pick up the bottom part of the gramaphone and use the screwdriver on the gold plate till one side falls and a key hole appears now use the same key that you used on the spot above the safe in the key hole on the gramaphone and the side will open revealing boxs number 10 and 11 and a key now you can put the gramaphone bottom back where it came from and return the hammer and screwdriver. now turn right twice and click on the big desk door on the right side and get fax paper a camera and box number 12 now look at the fax paper and click the center one to knock it over and get box number 13 and the bottom left drawer has a lighter to take and box number 14 to take from the left side of the desk between the square opening in the desk leg. now you can click the left stool to the left till it wont move anymore and then use the crowbar to pop it open and click on the opening to get boxs 15 and 16 and if you click on the chair by the desk it will spin around revealing box number 17 you have to just keep clicking while it is spinning around and time it right to get this one and now if you have been looking around everywher for the last box and you can't find the box it is because it is not in the room it is outside so now you have to click and go to the left once and click on the key hole of the door and remember when I told you to hold on to the gramaphone speaker it is because you will be using it here after awhile a lady will walk by and when she gets to the middle use the gramaphone speaker on her to startle her and make her drop her bag and you have to be quick here or she will pick it up again quickly use the camara on her to blind her then click on her bag to get a few brown cards use the glue one the brown cards to make box number 18 which thankfully is the last one that you need to find and now you can return the gramaphone speaker glue and crowbar to thier spots now look at the shelf and you will see a single blue red book on the 2 to last shelf pick it up because you will need it now go back to the safe and click on it to open it again now place the rest of the boxs in there now open the book that you have and look through then go back to the page that talks about esperanto numbers and look at the last letters for the numbers now look at the letters in the safe the numbers go in pairs of three so all you have to do is start at the last letter of each pair of letters and click on them till you have seen all of the letters on the box but do not click to fast or the same letter will just keep popping up and after you have seen all of the letter for that box bring up your book and look for a three letter word with one of the letters then click the other two to see if it will make the word and this is the 2 time that I am going through this and it seems that the letters change spots every game and after you have done it right the light in the top right corner will light up and turn red now we need to find what this did so we need to get out of this view and return the gramaphone speaker and crowbar now turn right once and click picture by the door and you will see a 2 knights and a troll click on the trolls sword to take it now leave and pick up the green and red book on the fourth shelf from the top it is the one standing staight up and down on the right hand side and now that you have picked up the book go ahead and look at it to see a sword eblem on the cover take the sword that you got from the troll and put it on the sword emblem on the book to open it and get triton block which is another word for alot of dynamite now click on the left hand side of the shelfs third one down from the top to find a board with green lights the object of this puzzle is to get all of the lights green. Look at the pattern you've got now. Memorise/record the location of the dots that are 'unlit'. Now click on them in order (left to right, and then move down the rows). Make sure you remember exactly which dots they are because they'll change (lit/unlit) as you click other dots. When you've finished, look at the NEW pattern you've got. Repeat the process, using the new pattern's unlit dots.
    now you can click on the lever on the right side of the shelf first shelf from the top to move the shelf over reveaing a door with a lightning bolt on it now you can use the key that you found in the side of the gramaphone to open the door on the other side of the door is a safe and a spot that you can not reach so lets do the safe first and if you were smart the numbers you got for putting the letter right you wrote them down in order from left to right because now you need them to open the safe and you need 6 numbers so if you didn't write them down go back and do it you will also need the book too so that you can see what each one stands for so go ahead and put in the numbers that you got and open the safe and get a hydralic jack now leave the room and use the jack on right bottom corner of the book shelf to raise it off the ground and pick up the ladder now go back into the room that you left and put the ladder by the brown door at the back left hand side now click on the door to get close to it and place your dynamite on it the light it with your lighter and wait for it to blow up and click on the door again and your free at last WHOO HOO

    This was written by myuhinny and i eddited the green light part with audie's description of how to solve that puzzle, i fort i would convineantly put them together to make a decent walkthrough, cheers guys, and i hope this helps

    made by magicdave

  23. the glue is on the 3rd shelf from the top on the bookshelf

  24. i meant the 4th shelf from the top

  25. were is the stupid safe????is it the green light swicher


  26. I opened the little locked compartment above the safe, and the blocks fell out. But they aren't in the floor, where did they go?!

  27. ummm i cant get tthe key out of the record i dont see where you get it? the screw driver isnt opening it ?

  28. What's the file cabinet??

  29. wer do you put the boxes??

  30. This walk through is hard to understand!!!WHERE DO YOU PUT THE BOXES?!

  31. What tool do you use to open the grate?

  32. where can i put the boxes plz help?

  33. To solve the light puzzle

    Click on the lefthand side of the third shelf from the top to find a puzzle with lights. Copy the 4x4 grid onto paper, placing an X on unlit spots and an O on lit spots. Go through the entire grid from left to right, top to bottom, clicking on every spot where you wrote an X. After finishing the grid, copy down the 4x4 grid again and go through it, clicking at each spot where you graphed an X. If done correctly, every spot will be lit. Go down. Look at the upper right corner of the bookshelf; click the red lever to pull it down. The bookshelf will slide aside, revealing a hidden door that has a red lightning bolt on it: the electrical room. Use the silver key to enter.

  34. i am stuck on the word puzzle thingy ive made words but the light isn't coming on HELP!!!!!!!

  35. where you put boxes

  36. Forr the word puzzle thing.

    It's should be

    Well. I got that and a red light turned on at the top right of that safe. :P

  37. got it...if u need help i sugest reading magicdaves way to beat it

  38. the safe is above grammaphone you need to cut wire with sissors

  39. Need help on green lights done the left 2 right top 2 bottom teknique buh its nt wrking!!!!


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