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Escape to Obion Episode 2 is a short point-and-click game by Matt Slaybaugh of
Good Luck!!!

Play Escape to Obion Episode 2


Click on the tunnel above the car
Click into the dark tunnel area on the next screen
Click the gate
Click the building nearest to you with the red light on top.
Click the brown panel to the left of the cylinder with the red lamp on top

To solve this puzzle :
- You have to light each lamp by making a connection from a coloured button to it's corresponding light.
- Click each yellow line to rotate it through it's path options.
- Use the handles on the right to turn each column of pathways in one go. Use a combination of column and individual turns to make paths.
- When you have a pathway, press the button to light the lamp. The light is then lit, you don't have to connect ALL the pathways at the same time, once a lamp is lit you can break it's pathway to create another.
- When you have lit all the lamps, exit the screen.You will see all the big lamps are now lit.
Click on the white cylinder with the red lamp on the top.
To solve this puzzle, you must make a dot appear in each vertical column by clicking the columns in the right order. Use trial and error. Hint : The sequence involves clicking each column once only

You will be rewarded with a symbol. Note this down, alongside the colour of the lamp above this puzzle.
At this point, notice that some letters line up with particular colours in the grid, this may help you later.
Red=O and S
Green=D and O
Blue=? and N
Purple=L and E

Click at the top of the staircase on the left of the screen
Note the 2 coloured lights
Click the doorway to the building
Click on the hole in the floor
Click the bottom of the steps
Click in the middle of the screen in the "panel" of the building nearest to you
Click the hole in the rusty metal
To solve this puzzle, you have to substitute pieces of the picture for that which is the top of the 2 on the right (i will call this R1). The bottom of the 2 on the right (R2) is the next one you in line to be used, like in Tetris.
Hint : To move a piece that's already in place, click on it. It will be replaced by the next piece jump to place R2.
You can then click on R1 to switch R2 to R1, then click where you actually want it to go in the puzzle.
(Alternatively just click the spot you want it to go into twice). You will always be placing R1 in the spot that you click on.

When you have it, you will hear a "clang". The symbol which appears 3 times over R1 and R2 is your symbol.
Write it down and exit.
Exit five times until you are back in the sea with the buildings on stilts.
Click on the boat. Note the colour of the lamp above the boat.
Click near the middle of the screen.
Click the hole in the rusty metal. This puzzle requires you to move the poles up and down using the big and small wheels on the right, until the gaps in them are level with the metal bar on the left.
Hint :They do not all have to be lined up at once. Line up the first one first and lock into place by turning the blue wheel on the left. Then move onto bar 2, etc etc.
B = Big wheel, S=Small wheel. r=click on the right hand side of the wheel, l=click the left
1. Bl Bl Sr Sr Sr. Blue wheel to lock
2. Br Sl Sl Sl Br. Lock in.
3. Sl Sl Sl Br. Lock in
4. Br Sl Sl Sl Br Sl. Lock in
5. Sl Sl Sl Br. Lock in

You will get another symbol. Make a note of this alongside the colour of the lamp above this puzzle.
Exit twice to the sea again.
Click the building on the right hand side (green lamp).
Click on the picture ahead of you
This puzzle involves lighting lights on the radar in the middle.
First you must turn on the system by clicking the brown rusty handle at the top centre. Then on the black and white circle buttons bottom right. You will hear a sound. Now go round and click each funny shape until you get a green light lit. Once you have one, click another funny shape. If the green light goes out that was the wrong second choice! Click the one that made the 1st light go on again and then choose a different second shape. Keep repeating until you have the correct sequence and all 9 green lights are lit.

You will hear a sound and be given a symbol. Note this down, with the colour of the lamp above the building you are in. The radar grid may help you in another puzzle. Make a copy of the grid with the positions of the lights.
Exit to the sea.
Go into the middle building and up the stairs
Go into the building, and click on the window (lefthand side)
To do this puzzle you need a 9 letter password. Where have you seen something that could help up till now?
The puzzle with 1 dot in each column on the grid above some letters.
LODES?ONE. What letter could fit there to make a word?
Type the password into the box to replace the lines(delete all the lines). Dont press enter as it doesnt work, just click the hole below it to gain access.
This puzzle has no answer, but will help you in a further puzzle. Note down some of the pairs of symbols and their total and see if you can work out the value of each symbol from these. You can generate as many combinations as you like by clicking the left hand button. When you think you have all the values, you can exit to the sea.
Exit twice more and click at the columns to the left hand side of the scene.
Click on the brown box to the right. Click the rusty metal to reveal your puzzle.
The aim of this puzzle is to generate a password. Use the silver buttons to slide the columns and rows along and generate a password.
1)You have seen this word before.
2) It is 9 letters
3)Your notes from the "1 dot per column" puzzle will help you
I havent yet worked out a sequence to solve the puzzle so for now trial and error will get you there.
You need to get a letter in each of the places where a green light was lit in the radar puzzle. You will end up with the letters for the word that was the password to the flags puzzle, where the letters showing match those you noted down from the "1 dot per column" puzzle (Red=O and S etc)
When you have generated the word correctly, click the purplish dial. You will hear a metallic clang, not a sound like a gun cocking.
Exit and click on the handle of the grey box. CLick the puzzle to zoom in.
Now you will bring together all the information you have gained from past puzzles. Look at the symbols.
The 2 buttons below each symbol activate the dials. Use the right button to cycle through numbers, and the left to cycle through colours.
You should have worked out the numbers already from the flag pairs.
Circle with cross in=0
Male symbol=2
P with a tail=1
Female symbol=3
Answer from left to right =0213

For the colours you need to check back with the puzzle you just did to the right of this safe. (Thanks to Aurora for the following solution)
You will notice the grid has reverted back to its original permutation. Hint : Look at the number corresponding to each symbol and match it to the colour(s) in that row.
Look at your symbol values. There is one symbol that equals 6, it's puzzle had a light blue light, looking on the grid, there is a light blue letter in the row for 6. There are two symbols that equal 5, one had a yellow light puzzle and the other a dark blue/purple light, oh look! there is a yellow and a dark blue letter in the row for 5....
0 = light blue
1 = red
2 = dark blue
3 = green

Go back and enter the colours and numbers into the safe.
Press the purpley dial in the will get a loug clang if you are right.
Exit twice until you are back at the car
Click on the pole to move it to the back of the car. You will hear a scraping noise.
Go forward, then click on the columns and back to the safe.
Click on the handle, then the smaller handle above the puzzle.
Click on the scroll.

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