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Esklavos C7 is seventh chapter of Esklavos point'n'click adventure game created by Federico Rutenberg. "Without a doubt the newness of this chapter goes by the side of the music. You are going to listen a fragment of the main musical theme of Esklavos… It is only a fragment, the complete theme is about 2 minutes long."
Good Luck!!!

Play Esklavos Chapter 7

Goto kitchen and collect the visable ingredients there. Should be 3 from the shelf (nicarum root, lemura, caladria). Grab the casserole pot. Grab the broom from bottom left corner.

Grab broom. Look at recipe book. Make the Stew of Lemura but with excess lemura (I put in about 3 extra).

Fill casserole pot by dragging it to the cauldron.Leave Kitchen (Note: you can “redo” any recipe by clicking the valve next to the cauldron and resetting the stew).

Show Floda the broom. After scene, go back to kitchen and grab the bread crumbs.

Go back to hall. Grab mystery plant off back wall. Show floda mystery plant. Put breadcrumbs in water to make fish jump.

Give Floda Stew of Lemura to put him/her/it to sleep. Grab adornment and attach to broom. Grab web and attach to broom to make a net.

Go back to kitchen and “reset” the stew. Make Stew of Caladria. Fill casserole pot. Reset the stew. Go to hall and give stew of Caladria to sleeping Floda.

Now go fishing. Click on water current for close look at water. Catch a yellow fish. After each fish caught you must go back to the kitchen and throw it in the cauldron. Reset the stew before fishing so you don’t have to waste more time catching fish than need be. If you catch a wrong fish it won’t let you do anything with the fish except throw it in the pot (which will wreck the recipe and mean you need to reset the stew and start fishing again).

Once 3 yellow fish are caught and in the cauldron, look at recipe book for remainder of Kaliara stew. Once done, fill casserole pot and then feed to Floda.

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  1. You can throw back the fish to the water if you catch a wrong one


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