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For all Room Escape games fans, here is Five Beast Pagoda, a new Japanese game by created by Masato Miura, the author of Dream Electricity.

Explore the five floors pagoda and save your progress with your own passwords. You will have to solve several puzzles and collect orbs to unlock the different floors.
Good Luck!!!

Play Five Beast Pagoda


Level 1-
Click on the thin crack on the wall , collect the hammer
go left, zoom in the 3 dolls, click on their faces to fall off, then open the drawer on the left-bottom you will find the white cap, collect it. Use the white cap to extinguish the flame, after that, collect the silver bowl
go left, zoom in the frog, use the bowl with the blue part on frog’s head
go right, “drag” all of the doors to open, click on the dark, solve the puzzle, go straight ahead and you will find yourself in the garden
use the bowl (with water) on the dragon’s fire, collect the blue ball in the cabinet, go back to the room with dragon’s shadow on the wall, click on it, give him the blue balls…save game (end of Level 1)

Level 2 …
Go right, sharpen hammer with the running machine until it bacame a round one.
Go right twice, click on the wall with 3 monkeys, you will face a lot of monkey pictures, click on every pics until it let you pass (found 3 correct pics) .
Go to the hole on the wall, use sharpened hammer on the black circle on your left and use it as the control stick (joystick) — “drag” it left-right-front-back until the machanic arm is in the sword position and push down botton, the machanic arm will grasp the sword for you).
Go right, back to the first screen, use sword with dim (blur) statue, collect the red ball. Zoom in the bird shadow, use red ball on it, save game (end of Level 2).

Level 3…
Go right, collect the key,go right again, use the key on key hole, go right , click on the moving lights, listen to the old man (I can’t understan him too-don’t worry)
Go back to the clock screen, enter the time it show (same as your computer’s time .e.g. 23:44 enter 2344
You will find yourself flying over the water, trying not to touch on the vines until the time is run out (you can stay under the screen all those times-trick), collect the green ball, save game (end of Level 3)

Level 4…
Go right, use the red ball on a big butterfly on the wall, collect the key
Go right twice, use the key on the key hole (upper drawer), open drawer and get the purple liquid, use it with Big-Eye monster
Go left, click on the lowest step until it is in the correct position (change color to light brown) - click on the 2-3-4-5 steps to stay in the right position
Click on the Big-Eye monster, he will climb up (very cute) to destroy the spider, collect the silver ball
Go left, zoom in tiger shadow, use silver ball on cat, save game (end of Level 4)

Level 5…
Go left (move your mouse to the left of the big moon), use blue ball on the bigger spot and the green ball on the small one
Move to the right of the moon, use silver ball with big spot and use red ball on the small spot
Move back to the moon, click on the rabbit, he will make the door for you, face with a woman, click next, click the Fuji moutain, collect yellow ball
Put all the balls in the holes, the pagoda will fly to the moon –The End

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