Flash Quest - Walkthrough


Flash Quest is room escape game.
Collect items from the room and use them in right places to escape.
Good Luck!!!

Play Flash Quest


Take rope and key from the drawers.
Take stick from the right nearer edge of the bed.
Add rope at the right top edge of the window (a "+" will appear if you have the correct place)
Add stick (again a "+" will show up if you have the right place)
Click on stick to get bulb.
Take scissor from behind the cabinet.
Use scissor on bear's hat (cut string)
Put this "hat" as lamp above the cabinet.
Put in the bulb and push red button to get plier.
Use plier on picture to reveal safe.
Use key to open safe and get nail (or whatever it is)
Use nail to fix wire, get key.
Use key on door and you are out!

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