Flooded Room - Walkthrough


Flooded Room is another point and click escape game. Escape from the Flooded Room but you've got a time limit for this one.
Good Luck!!!

Play Flooded Room


1. look for a purple box above the safe & turn off the switch.
2. go to a bulletin board look for a Julia's number which is the pw for the safe...
3. open the safe & pick up the scuba diver equip. & a knife...
4. put on the SD equip. to breathe
5. by using the knife to cut off the handle of the blind...
6. try a passkey to open a door & get the broken passkey
7. use the broken passkey to open the lighting on the ceiling & pick up the key at the bottom...
8. use the small key to open the desk lock & pick up the pipe..
9. use the blind handle to fix the white screen by the door
10. use the pipe to lift the mat & pick up the key..
11. use the punky looking key to open the door..

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