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Hello Mr. Snoozleberg! Does nothing have exchange? Always sleepwalker? Good, Well it is again necessary to come to him to assistance, this time in the extra decor terrestrial one or promenent monkeys. The principle remains the same one: To use the interactive elements of the decor while clicking above at the good time to avoid has Mr. Snoozleberg to break the figure and to enable him to continue to go.
Good Luck!!!

Play Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg 3

Level 1

1. Click on the lever beside the gator to levitate him off the floor.

2. Before Mr. Snoozleberg can get to the beam, IMMEDIATELY pull the lever again to drop the gator to the floor and knock him out.

3. As soon as Mr. Snoozleberg crosses the platform, pull the lever again; it'll make the gator float and keep the motorbike from hitting you.

4. Turn the gas off on the machine that's spitting fire - click on the valve atop the gas tank ONCE. The tank should swell up and the fire will stop spitting out. DON'T click on it again yet. If you can't do this in time, try doing it while Mr. Snoozleberg is walking past the unconscious gator.

5. Click on the module at the far left so it leans down. Mr. Snoozleberg will walk up it and climb into one of the open ports.

6. Click on the module again to straighten it up.

7. While Mr. Snoozleberg is walking across the first platform, the gator and the motorbike will fall down. Click the lever by the gator one more time. You'll need to use him as a bridge.

8. Remember the valve you shut off? Just as Mr. Snoozleberg walks across the top of the fire-spitting machine, click on the valve again. The gas output will make it "bounce" Mr. Snoozleberg over to the next ledge.

9. When Mr. Snoozleberg steps on the back of the rocket, click on the back of the rocket. It'll spin and he'll start walking across the top towards the left.

10. Click on the middle of the satellite dish to freeze the swinging monkey.

11. Remember that banana all the way on the floor on the left? Click on it and drag it over to the tip of the rocket. The last monkey will go for it and make a ramp for Mr. Snoozleberg to walk out of the scene safely. (This can be done ahead of time.)

Level 2

1. Click on the mini-rocket sitting in the middle of the console; it'll plug up the loudspeaker.

2. When Mr. Snoozleberg steps on the far right chair, click it to make him go left.

3. Quick, drag the fifth chair from the left to fill the gap in front of Snooz. Once he crosses it, drag the chair back where you found it to fill that gap.

4. Drag the top railing (where you first came in) to make a bridge over the sleeping guard.

5. Second chair from the left - click on it once. Far left chair - click on it three times. This will make "stairs" for Snooz.

6. As soon as Mr. Snoozleberg gets to the left chair, click on the bottom (left-pointing) arrow, then the top (right-pointing) arrow. The tape reels will spin and take Mr. Snoozleberg to the top. Timing is essential here; it'll take a few tries.

7. Click on the purple button beside the tape reels to open the door.

8. When Mr. Snoozleberg walks out on the platform, click the platform so it rolls over to the spaceship.

9. When he steps in, pull the lever by the sleeping guard and the ship will blast off.

Level 3

1. Click on the telescope (top left) as Mr. Snoozleberg passes to nudge him to the right.

2. Extend the satellite's "wings" out to keep him from drifting off to the left.

3. Click on the pocketknife. (This is the big red thing with the plus and minus symbols in the middle of the screen.) A laser will take out the incoming ship. This can and should be done ahead of time.

4. Click on the connector on the gator's oxygen tube; he'll drift off into space. (Do it ahead of time if you can.)

5. QUICKLY: click on the little receptor on the satellite and then click on the one right across from it on the thing with the "spatula arms." You'll get the bottom force field to temporarily appear and bounce Mr. Snoozleberg back up.

6. Click on the pocketknife a second time; a toaster will pop out. (Do it ahead of time if you can.)

7. Click on the little receptor attached to the ship that spit Mr. Snoozleberg out in the first place. You'll activate an upper force field. (Not too soon; it disappears quickly!)

8. When Mr. Snoozleberg bounces back down, IMMEDIATELY click on the pocketknife a third time. An umbrella will pop out and shield Mr. Snoozleberg from the meteorite.

9. IMMEDIATELY activate the bottom force field again. (Same as Step 5.)

10. Activate the top force field again. (Same as Step 7.)

11. When Mr. Snoozleberg drifts towards one of the "spatula arms," click on it to swat him to the left. (Timing is EVERYTHING.)

12. Quickly press the following sequence of keys on the keyboard: 4, 5, 3, 1, 2. (1 is the far left key, 5 is the far right key. Count them up.) This should bring the UFO to pick Mr. Snoozleberg up. NOTE: I first got this combo by sheer luck. It's actually the five-note tune that plays throughout the level. If you can, do the sequence ahead of time!

Level 4

1. When Mr. Snoozleberg steps on the first platform, click on it to lift it up.

2. Immediately click on the rotating round section in front of him so he can cross. (It turns back pretty quickly.

3. Click on the platform to the right of it so Mr. Snoozleberg can step on.

4. Click on that platform again to turn him completely around.

5. You know the drill - click on the round section in his path to rotate it.

6. Before Mr. Snoozleberg gets up to the next level, you see that hamburger at the top left? Drag it over to the green blobby alien and put it right below him. He'll pounce on it, eat it instead of Snooz, and go boom.

7. To deal with the wannabe-Jedi up top: See the cow on the right? Click on the jar to lift the lid. Then click on the green button two or three times until the cow's swelled up. (If he shrinks, just do it again.) Click on the cow's udder to drench the wannabe-Jedi and put his lightsaber out.

8. Click on the orange button at the bottom center of the screen. A bridge will appear that lets Mr. Snoozleberg walk over to the rolling ball thing on the left. Don't hit the orange button beneath him just yet.

9. While you've got Mr. Snoozleberg out of trouble, take the camera (center left of the screen below Snooz) and drag it over to the tentacled green alien beneath the cow. The flash will scare him off.

10. See the jar covering the milk carton on the left? Drag it over to cover up the yellow alien at the bottom right of the screen.

11. NOW hit the orange button beneath Snooz. He'll be transported to where the tentacled guy was and walk over to the next teleport pad, and wind up walking on the rolling ball again.

12. Hit the orange button beneath Mr. Snoozleberg again. This time he'll appear on the lower right of the screen, and if you've already taken care of the yellow alien, he'll just walk on out.

Level 5

1. Drag the little green alien (tied up by the alien barbecuing) to the gator just before Mr. Snoozleberg can step on him.

2. Click on the trashcan to deal with the two-headed dog. (Can do ahead of time.)

3. See the volcano spitting bubbles in the distance? Drag one of its bubbles to the bridge.

4. Click on the alien hiding beneath the bridge. You'll see the tip of his head sticking up from the chasm. (Can do ahead of time.)

5. Click on the sign on the other side of the bridge so it points up. (Can do ahead of time.)

6. To get Mr. Snoozleberg across the pond, click on the pond creatures to bounce him across.

7. HURRY: As soon as Mr. Snoozleberg is across the pond, drag the pink bubble (the one you used on the bridge) and drag it on top of Snooz. If you're quick enough, it should float him out of the monster's reach.

8. Three mini-volcanoes up ahead. Click on the left one three times so the fire goes out and the alien stomps off.

9. Just before Mr. Snoozleberg walks across each of the three volcanoes, click on the little button sticking out of the ground beside each volcano and bubbles will appear on their tops. He'll bounce across and land on a teleport pad.

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