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Hewitt is an epic adventure role playing game from makers of Griswold the Goblin game.
In this adventure RPG game, you need to help Hewitt to find a girl for the dance. More instructions are in the game.
Good Luck!!!

Play Hewitt


Take the Gam-O-Tek lying on the pile of clothes.
Take the CD sitting on the CD player.
Walk outside and go to the car.
Click on the car with the hand tool.


Go to your left.
Take the flowers from here.
Go left again, look at, and talk to Casper. (You must first have examined the door with 21 on it.)
After talking to Casper take an onion from the onion patch below the tree.
Walk right, back to Nugget.
Use hand tool on the door to enter the school.
Go right and look in the open the locker.
Use the hand on it and take the notes.
Open your inventory and look at the notes.
Use the hand tool on the notes in Hewitt's hand to take off the paper clip.
Look at the paper clip then click on the paper clip in Hewitt’s hand three times to bend it. (This will only work if you

have learn how to pick a lock from Casper.)
Take the bent paper clip from your inventory and use it on the locked door to the science labs.


Use hand on door to enter lab.
Take the jar and the magnet off the back bench.
Look at the giant hamster in the cage.
Leave the lab and go two scenes to the right until you reach the girl selling cupcakes.

Talk to Mary Beth.

Go right one scene to the exit doors.
Use the magnet on the alarm.


Go through the doors and talk to the bum.
Go back through the doors and go left to the toilet scene.
Take the rubber band off the small tree.
Enter the boy’s toilets and talk to Skippy.
Take the soap out of the closest sink then exit the toilets.
Take each of the signs off the toilet doors.
Take the boy’s sign out of the inventory and put it on the girl’s restroom door. Do the same for the girl’s sign.
Click on boy’s restroom door with hand.


Talk to Skippy.
Open inventory and combine the Hacker with the Gam-O-Tek.
Go right, down, left, left, left until you reach the Anastasia corridor scene then go left again through the doorway.
Talk to Chris.
Click on him with the hacked Gam-O-Tek.


Open inventory and combine the knife with the onion.
Go right four scenes to Mary Beth.
Use the cut onion on Mary Beth.


Take the eye drops.
Go left then enter the doorway.
Go left from here to the cafeteria and talk to Ms. Aventez.
Take the gum from behind the bin.
Go right.


Go left again and get more food.
Open your inventory and combine the eye drops with one of the items of food you got. (Hewitt will only combine the

items if Sean ate your food once before.)

Go right.


Go left again and talk to Ms. Aventez.
Talk to her again.
Go to the vending machine scene.
Go left to Anastasia then down.
Go left until you get to the dog scene.
Click on the dog with the meat then use the meat on the top of the sign.
Take the movie tickets from the ground where the dog was.
Go up one scene and look at the rabbit.
Use the carrots on the rabbit then walk down.
Go back up and take the dead rabbit.
Go all the way back to the bum scene.
Use the soap on the bum.
Use the rabbit on the bum.
Use the jar on the flies near the rabbit.
Go back to your house.
Use the jar of flies on the frog.
Take the frog.
Go back to the bum scene.
Go up the ladder and go right.
Talk to Harold.
Use the frog on Harold.


Talk to Harold again and he will mention pig fly.
Go left and open the door with the hand.
Take the coin on the floor below the ladder.
Turn both valves.
Go to the Anastasia scene.
Take the gum from your inventory and use it on the water fountain.


Take the vial from Anastasia’s remains.
Open your inventory and use the vial on the jar with one fly.
Go to the cafeteria and give the tickets to Ms. Aventez.
Go through the Kitchen door.
Use the knife on the pig.
Take the cheese.
Open the top drawer on the far right.
Take the extension cord.
Go to the Mary Beth scene.
Go up the stairs and talk to Ms. Bates.
Go to the scene outside the toilets and go left twice to the empty hallway.
Go right again and go up to Kathy.
Talk to Kathy then go down and left through the door into the principal’s office.
Use the cheese on the hole in the wall.
Close the door and take the coin that was hidden behind the door.
Use the extension cord on the laptop computer.
Use the CD on the computer.
Go back to Kathy and use the CD on her.
Go down and then go left after the dialogue.
Take the mouse.
Go talk to Ms. Bates.
Go back to the Mary Beth scene.
Open you inventory and combine the rubber band with the flowers.
Combine this with the lace to create the corsage.
While in the inventory combine the fly with the pig head.
Go and click on Harold with the pig fly.


Go to the Kathy scene and use the code 7382 on the locker to the far right.Take the coin and look at the picture.
Go talk to nugget and discover that he’s too tired.
Go to the vending machine and use the coins on it.


Talk to Ms. Ratchet.
Take the paper weight on the desk.
Go left and talk to the bird.
Take the bird.
Open the cupboard and use the paper weight on the spilt ink.
Open your inventory and combine the inked weight with the blank paper.
Go left twice and look at the coat then take the coat.
Open your inventory and combine the bird with the coat. Then combine the stamped paper with the coat wearing parrot.

Click on Ms. Ratchet with this.


Take the drink from the vending machine.
Go give the drink to Nugget.


Go back to your house.


Source: Escape The Room

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