Hoshi Saga 2 - Walkthrough


Hoshi Saga 2 is second part of Hoshi Saga that is really addicting point-and-click puzzle game.
Point and click every places to find stars.
Good luck!!!

Play Hoshi Saga 2

36. click on a "fire work" for the star
37. Click on the gray dot wait till the arms extend all the way then let go
38.click on a girl when she looks at boy click on other girl then when they are both looking at him click on him.
39. run mouse over people they form a star
40. hold right click and move mouse up and down on girls skirts one by one. be patient
41 click on lines till you find the star. near middle more to the left on top
42. get a pic of the shooting star
43tip the boxes till the star falls out. (also get the bomb you will need it later)
44.click on shape and roll it out till it becomes the star
45.pull out cork
46 hold right move mouse up and down as fast as you can
47.play twinkle twinkle little star
48.pull 1/2 star to left side its a mirror
49.bomb will fall from sky and then click on it to explode it
50.star is behind the moon
51.click and hold on screws till they fall out
52.grab and shake it till the"burs" fall off
53.pull to the left and it will show a side ways star
54.catch the falling parts in the order to make the star
55. pick up box and drop it from as high as you can
56.pull the 3 lines to form the star
57. shoot in a circle to reveal the star
58.drop ball in the 3rd from the left row
59.shoot star a few times but dont let it fall
60.open the fan
61pull down gray circle in top left circle. Use it to line up the star points clock wise
62. turn parts a dark gray near middle to the left
63. light up stars to make lines to make star. Cant tell you the order just make one then wait and pay attention
64.type IWILLFINDASTAR then click on it
63.slowly pull in glowing arrow and it will pull out the star
64. click on his nose the run mouse over the hair
65.you will need to rotate the squares too show star when you get on in the correct spot move mouse over 1 or two to finish. (this one is hard to explain but its easy if you try)
69. It changes but all I can say is memorize
70. pay attention to the moving parts but let it rotate. All i can say is PAY ATTENTION
71. Not worth the pain to see the final lavel

Source: Escape the Room

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