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Second version of Jack French 1: All Roads Lead To Paradise game. A blonde is the alleged killer this time and a talented physician, the victim. Play the part of Jack, the detective, in this point-and-click adventure game. Can you find the two Easter eggs hidden in the game? Find them both and brag about it to your friend.
Good Luck!!!

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Medical Centre
2. Go right and collect all the evidence: ID Card, Photo of "Prints of a woman's shoe and a perfect circle," Photo of "A set of bloody
3. Go left, click on the monitor, click on MedNet. Don't enter any info, just click on: I forgot my NIP, then >>>, then >>>.
4. Click on German's profile. Note (briefly) his name, medication, and illnesses. Go back to talk to Matt.
5. Talk to the him near the wall (ask all questions). Click on the male footprint and ask all questions associated with it.
6. Talk to German: say Dr German,who else may have the key and who's lucy. Then ask all the questions referring to the prescribtion and a liability to his practice.
7. Head to the exit you'll find a Blonde wig.
8. You can use your ID card to enter the locked door. I believe the spoiler is in regarding to the first game, so if you haven't played it and you enjoy this game I wouldn't read it. There's nothing important here.
9. You can also go to the room that's opposite the library and view the slideshow...it's amusing.
10. Exit the place, go to map, & go to Mrs. Elena Ferrer's place.

Mrs. Ferrer's Apartment
11. Ask husband question, then how she met him, then husband's enemies, what you do for a living, why she'll shut down, and ask where were you at 11 o'clock.
12. Go to office and look at 2 pictures and a book (remember the book). Complete a puzzle from the litter can. Solution found here. You'll get a card.

Medical Centre
13. Here you are again, talk to the secretary and tell her you know of the relationship, ask for password, ask for file. Give the Elizabeth Marquis card. Ask all other questions.

Elizabeth's Loft
14. Ask beginning questions. Ask about accident, cane, where was she at the time of murder, who would kill. Give her the card in her inventory & ask all associated questions.
15. As soon as you leave and go back to her residence, you'll get an incomming message from the Forensic PD. Go to the scene.

Car Accident Scene
16. After going to the crime lab, go back to the scene and get a key cain.

Elizabeth's Loft
17. Use key to enter door and click on all paintings. Get book.

Mrs. Ferrer's Apartment
18. Ask the wife if she knew Elizabeth and any associated questions. Leave.

Allen Poe's Bookstore
19. Ask question about book & all available questions. Go to Francis Book Club.

Francis Book Club
20. Ask the questions in order of appearance. Go to Mrs. Ferrers'.

Mrs. Ferrer's Apartment
21. Ask about husband's involvement in the book club.

Elizabeth's Loft
22. The door should be unlocked and an injured guy on the couch (not graphic). Ask all questions.
23. You get a note saying she knows who's dunnit, but "If something happened, the sun should be bathed in yellow light."
24. Before you fiddle with the light switches behind the curtain, watch out for the cat that's about to startle you. The sequence for the light switches is: First switch: click 2 times. Second switch: click 1 time. Do this at the same time because everything resets when you go away and try again.
25. Click on the painting that has the different lights on it. Click on the letters E and F.

This is where all the instructions for the game end.

Source: Escape the Room

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