Joe's Virtual MySpace 1.1 - Walkthrough


An 'escape the room' type game. Use your mouse to find hidden objects by clicking and interacting with items and ultimately escape the room.
Good Luck!!!

Play Joe's Virtual MySpace 1.1

1. Search around the room to find the following items:
a) The Blue Disc under the Pillow
b) The Green Disc under the Green Beanbag
c) The Purple Disc under the Purple Beanbag
d) The Riddle book on top of the TV
e) The Pen on the window Sill
f) The card by the bed
2. Go to the Computer and plug it in.
3. Turn the Computer on and log on as the user Joey G. The hint for the password says that it's his surname which you can get from the pen.
4. Read the file called Python, but don't run the Top Secret program and this will crash the Computer and you need it to complete the adventure.
5. Reading the Riddle book should give you some clues.
6. Go to the picture on the wall and click on the eyes to make the person "blind"
7. The picture can now be turned round.
8. The code is the sum of the 5 numbers in the Python File.
9. The safe opens to reveal a key.
10. Open the desk drawer with the key to get a paperclip (which is a red herring) and a torch (which is hiding under a secret compartment)
11. Go to the TV and click on the top left hand corner.
12. Put the pen in the hole and then you can turn the TV on, take a note of what you see, F-I-L-M and then three symbols.
13. Face the Film Posters and tuen the torch on them.
14. This will reveal three symbols which you'll need to click in the same order as appeared on the TV.
15. This will give you a screwdriver.
16. Use the screwdriver to open both speakers by the TV.
17. On one of the Speaker items you can enter a Time Code, which is the same as appears on the card found earlier.
18. This will then reveal the password for the administrator account.
19. On trying to access the administrator account on the Computer you'll learn the password for the red chest.
20. Inside the red chest is a red disk.
21. Face the window and turn the torch on again.
22. Place the discs in their appropriate colour holes.
23. You'll then be given a blue key with which you can escape.

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