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Boss Legend Blend - The Legend Room is another Japanese point and click type room escape game with really nice graphics and sound effects. Again you are in a room and you have to collect items and solve puzzles to figure out the game. Because of its large size, you have to wait while loading the game.
Good luck!!!

Play The Legend Room


--Table with laptop view
Zoom left part of table. Take part of map.
Zoom leather chair. Take showel for coffe beans.
--Book shelves and fireplace view
Zoom shelves on left side of fireplace. Take magnifying glass.
Zoom shelves on right side of fireplace. Take light bulb.
--Table with globe view
Zoom opened bag of coffe beans. Use showel for coffee beans. Take magnet.
Zoom globe. Use magnifying glass on globe. You see password LEGEND.
--Table with laptop view
Zoom laptop. Click on coffee crusher to remove in form the way to laptom. Click on laptop. Enter password LEGEND (case sensitive). Click on file icon [memo. txt].
--Jacket view
Zoom jacket. Click on it. Take missing part of the map.
Double click on one part of the map in inventory (it'll enlarge). Click on other part of map (both parts will be joined).
--Table with laptop view
Zoom blank paiting above the table.
Go right. Use map on blank painting. Use light bulb on the lamp (bottom right corner).
Go left. Click on switch. Go right.
Click on the painting with map. You get little rope.
Double click on little rope in inventory. Click on magnet (you get little rope tied to magnet).
Go left. Click on switch.
--Table with globe view
Zoom table. Zoom top of table (click above table between globe and vases). Zoom behind table. Use little rope with magnet on key.
--Jacket view
Zoom door on the right. Use key on the door handle.
You're out.

Another Walkthrough:

1) to draw near toward the desk.... clik under the desk and to take shovel on the chair.
2) Andre back once and to take a part of the geographical map on the desk.
3) to return back and to turn toward right to observe jacket (for now nothing doesn't happen)
4) to turn to the right still, to draw near to the bookstore, on the angle to the right to take lens of enlargement.
5) to go to the right still, clik on the fireplace, to take on the shelf of right a light bulb.
6) to return back and to go toward right, once. To use shovel inside sack of the coffee, to take magnet.
7) to step backwards and click on the world map, to use lens of indrandimento on it and to mark him the word "LEGEND"
8) to observe mouth of the vases, and to notice behind the piece of furniture a key... (for now you/he/she cannot be taken)
9) to return toward the desk, click on the computer, to use pa Password (LEGEND) in capital and to access the file.... to observe.
10) to return back and to go himself/herself/themselves toward the jacket, can be moved now and to take the other halves the geographical map. Click on the inventory and to unite the two pieces.
11) to go himself/herself/themselves toward the desk, then click on the picture to wall. To put on the picture the geographical map. To return back, to extinguish the interrupter of the light and to put blue light bulb on the lamp close to the picture.
12) to again draw near to the picture and to take the thread.
13) on the inventory, to unite thread and magnet.
14) you can now go toward the world map behind the locker, where you have seen the key, to use the thread with magnet and to take the key.
15) you can now go out.

Source: Escape the Room, Lazylaces

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