Locked In - Walkthrough


Locked In is another point and click type room escape game like or maybe more like to Puzzled game series from Shut.in.
You are again locked in a room and you have to escape there by collecting items and solving puzzles.
Good luck!!!

Play Locked in


-Turn right facing the books.
-Zoom on outlet and take WHITE RECTANGLE to the right side of it.
-Zoom on books and take KEY between the two blue books.
-Zoom out and click on green book. Now you can take a GREEN CIRCLE on top between the green an blue book.
-Zoom out again and click on left side of shelf that you can see under it.
-Now you can see symbols. Note them. It's Triangle,Square,Rectangle,Circle.
-Zoom out. Click right twice. Click on bed. Click under bed.
-Look on top of the blue blanket. In the middle you can take a blue TRIANGLE.
-Zoom out, turn right, zoom on pen holder. Take the 1.PAPER from behind it.
Zoom out and click on computer. Take red SQUARE from behind it.
-Turn right till you see a brown box. Click on the far left side of the box, that you get a view from the tresor and the box.
-Take the 2.PAPER from the left side of the box.
-Turn right, click on white box and open it with your KEY.
-Insert your four objects into the white box in the order you saw before.(TRIANGLE,SQUARE,RECTANGLE,CIRCLE
On the Powerswitch which is for the computer.
-Go to the computer and insert the password that you got from the 2 PAPERS (328649).
-Now the safe is open and you can get the DOORKEY there.
-Open the door with it. You escaped.


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