Melting Mindz - Walkthrough


Melting Mindz Mini Banner Escape is a little banner type point and click room escape game from Melting-Mindz.
In this game, you need to search around to find and collect items in order to escape.
Good luck!!!

Play Melting Mindz

1. Click rightmost stone in all the pictures to open wall for piece of metal.
2. Go to wall with stones in a circle. Click the dark one and the two big ones. Sharpen piece of metal on the fallen rocks.
3. Open lock with piece of metal
4. Go through door and find can by clicking on wallcuffs.
5. Fill can with water (first floor)
6. Look at the book, and then go find the picture at the wall. Use water on it, and take key.
7. Use key on chest, take hammer.
8. Use hammer on crack in wall, get gem.
9. Use gem on main door.

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