Mobai Room 2 - Walkthrough


Mobai Room2 is the second episode of Mobai Room 1 point and click type room escape game from Mofuya.
You are now in a little room and you need to search the room to find some useful things for escaping there.
Good luck!!!

Play Mobai Room 2


1. click on the mat to get key under it.

2. turn left. Open big closet and get fishing pole. Click on plant to get a coin. Click on bottom cupboard to get a piece of paper with different colour dots on.

3. Use key to open top cupboard to get an *ornament*.

4. turn left twice. insert coin. turn the knob to get a round ball. click the ball from inventory. click on it. get pink block.

5. look at the piece of paper. there should be 2 red dots, 4 green dots and 3 blue dots. that's your code for the safe. 243. get magnet.

6. combine magnet with fishing pole. turn right. use pole on vase. get hammer.

7. use hammer on *ornament*. get another coin.

8. use coin on game machine again. get another ball. click on it and get another block. combine blocks.

9. use block on door.

10. you are out.

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